About Us

Welcome to India’s leading manufacturer of Towels, Bedsheets, Duvets, Pillows, Bath mats, Blankets, Pillow covers, Duvet covers and all Bed & Bath Linen products. We have an extensive range of elegant, soft and cozy linen, manufactured to perfection by Rekhas House of Cotton Private Limited, Margao-Goa, India. Manufactured under the flagship brand, our luxurious bed and bath linens are created with delicately woven fabrics from the finest quality of 100% cotton, and have stood the test of our stringent quality control measures. As a Company, we specialize in supplying hotel linen to the hotelier and hospitality industry, and supplying homeware bath and bed linen to discerning households with a knack for elegance, luxury, and beauty.

Why Rekhas?

Our ‘Rekhas’ brand of products is manufactured using only the finest raw materials and craftsmanship. We use 100% Cotton that is superior in quality and soft and luxurious to the touch. We are a renowned apparel industry, our products are safe, user friendly, and well designed. With ‘Rekhas’, experience the luxury of premium quality, affordable hotel and home utility linen that covers a range of products including towels, bed sheets, pillows, pillow and mattress protectors, duvets, mattresses.

Our Mission

We are committed to satisfy our customers by providing Quality Product which gives highest value for money. We believe that employees are our most important asset through which we can reach the top in each category of our product and services. Therefore, we will emphasize on their continuous improvement through upgradation of relevant  knowledge and training. We commit ourselves to continuous growth, so as to fulfil the aspirations of our customers, employees and shareholders.

Committed to Quality

We don’t just manufacture products, we create satisfaction. Rekhas House of Cotton Private Limited has deployed extensive resources to ensure the optimum quality of its products. The reiterative tests, the microscopic adherence to quality and inspection, all ensures that all our products are of world-class quality. We treat each and every product as a challenge, and every achievement a reason to set new goals.

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