How to Set Luxury Bed Linen Apart!

Rekhas House of Cotton Private Limited is a top brand in the luxury linen market offering a wide range of soft furnishings and beddings. Our excellence in luxury linen gives us a stronger position in national markets. Serving renowned hotels and homes all over the country, we have developed a trend for modern appeal and healthy living. Our furnishing range comprises beddings, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, hotel linen, dohors, bath linen, and much more. We make use of the finest quality materials to ensure the best comfort and care to our customers. Our proud legacy of quality, veracity, and reliability places us among premium suppliers of bed linens in the textile industry. We provide top services to our customers and offer healthy and enduring products so that every user feels an extraordinary sense of comfort and relaxation.

Luxury bed linen has exceptional quality fabric, design, make, and feel that give you an ultimate sleeping and resting experience. What should you shop for? Here are some clues.

Promotes healthy sleep

Luxury bed linen does not release any kind of smell which is common to regular new bed sheets. Since the washing material comes off easily, the fragrance of a washed cloth is also not there, which some people can be allergic to. When searching for luxury linen, you can look for specifications like antimicrobial, hypoallergic, etc.

The best bed linen is useful for people suffering from eczema, or other skin diseases. Since the skin of such people is very sensitive.

Look for these qualities in luxury bed linen to get the best possible comfort and that awesome feeling of getting lavish treatment.

High-quality cotton material

High-Quality Bed Linen is suitable for daily use. It can withstand the wear and tear of daily life with no fuss. High thread counts account for the durability quotient of luxury linen for beds.

And also, the high quality of material, and the use of exceptionally close threads woven together into a yard impart a structure that does not allow anything to get trapped in its grid.

Comfort washing is another reason that attributes to the long life of luxury linen.

Soft feel and perfect fitting

The first touch is enough to identify luxury bed linen from a regular one. The former made of cotton has a certain amount of stiffness which corresponds to the newness of the material, but no such stiff feeling is to be withstood when touching the luxury linens for the bedroom for the first time. Some of these linens come with the features like deep pockets to fit into the king-size or queen-size mattress to perfection. The ability to fit the mattress inside serves two purposes. First, it does not look wrinkled when you get up from it after sleep. Secondly, it reduces the slippery feel and keeps you safe from falling off the bed while sleeping

What are your own best hacks to set up Bed Linen?

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