Different types of towels you should know!

Well, you already know what a towel is but have you ever wondered about all the different types of towels there are? Let’s see how many towels there are and the uses of such towels!

1. Bath Towels

A Bath towel is used to dry the body when wet, such as after bathing or showering. It is typically rectangular, with a typical size of around 30 in × 60 in (76 cm × 152 cm), and is made of terrycloth. Another benefit of a bath towel is for drying your hair. If you like to towel-dry your hair or wrap it up in a towel after a shower, a bath towel can be a perfect size. Bath towels also are easier to fit on bathroom towel bars and hooks, hence taking these factors into consideration Rekhas got you covered with luxury quality Bath Towels.

2. Beach Towels

A Beach towel or pool towel is usually somewhat larger than a bath towel and often has a colorful pattern. Although often used for drying off after being in the water, its main purpose is to provide a surface on which to lay down. They are also worn for privacy while changing clothes in a public area, and for wiping sand from the body or objects & one of Rekhas top selling towels on amazon. They have different colors to choose from and many patterns (check us out) that will fit according to your personality and your need. Having multicolored beach towels can never go wrong. Pick the color before going to the beach that fits best to your mood that day and you are good to go.

3. Bath Sheets

A Bath sheet is larger than a bath towel. The classic bath sheet size is 80×160 cm. A large bath sheet that can wrap the entire body is 100×150 cm or 90×160 cm. They are used after bathing, in saunas, on beaches, and for massage. A bath sheet has a larger surface area for drying off, so they’re more absorbent than bath towels. If you find that a single bath towel is not sufficient, bath sheets are a better option for you. They are perfect for wrapping around your body if you need or prefer more coverage

4. Face Towel

Whether washing your face aftershave or after a tiring day Rekhas face towels are all you need for the moment, A Face towel is gradually smaller than a bath towel, is often of smooth-surfaced material (as linen), and is used especially for drying the face. Face towels’ purpose is to ensure you get the best face care you can get. They need to dry your face and clean it of water, cleanser, characteristic skin oil and face makeup residues and leftovers.

5. Hand Towel

A hand towel is significantly smaller than a bath towel (perhaps 12 in × 24 in (30 cm × 61 cm), and is used for drying the hands after washing them. Hand towels are set close to a hand wash basin to wipe hands. In the kitchen hand towels are liberally used to wipe your hands subsequent to cutting, blending, cleaning, washing, and other family unit employment. In summer, the towels are lavishly used to clear off the perspiration. Hand towels can include shading, stylistic layout, and eccentricity to a room.

6. Gym Towel

You must have heard “No Pain No Gain” but have you ever heard of a Gym Towel? A Sweat towel or Gym towel, often of similar size to a hand towel, is used during a workout to dry oneself from sweat or create a separation between gym machines and the skin. It may also be required in gyms in order to wipe down the machines after use. Gym towels are so important because they: > Help keep you cool as you work out. > Reduce the spreading of germs as you use the towel to wipe away sweat, rather than your hands, which may have come into contact with bacteria on gym equipment.

7. Kitchen Towel

A kitchen towel refers to a dish towel in American English (called a tea towel in the UK and Canadian English), and to a paper towel in British English. Kitchen towels can be used for several different purposes. They serve many functions in the kitchen, from simply drying your hands to cleaning up spills, drying dishes, covering foods, and holding hot plates, including disinfecting countertops, oven mitts, or handle mitts.

8. Baby Towel

Well! Who doesn’t love a baby, babies are cute, babies are sweet, and babies are everything one needs, but do you know what else is cute, It is a Baby towel that helps keep the baby healthier and less likely to catch a cold or worse. A baby hooded towel is essentially a small bath towel with an attached hood. The point is to keep an infant’s head warm and dry during the time right after a bath and before getting them dressed. This type of towel can also be used after swimming, helping to regulate a child’s body temperature so they don’t get chills.

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