Why do you sleep better in a Hotel?

By Rifen Gonsalves | November 2, 2022

Have you ever taken time to stop and think about one of the best & soothing night’s sleep you’ve ever had, it’s more than likely that your answer would be that it was in a bed away from home with your loved one (if you know what I mean)just joking though. Unless you make it a habit of staying over at friends’ homes, this usually means a bed in a hotel or B&B or the other usual one Oyo (sorry again). We often feel rested and refreshed when we check out from a hotel, as we’re usually going there in order to get a break from our daily lives.

But have you ever found out what makes staying in a hotel so special that you’ll end up having a long, restful sleep? Let’s find out.

The Hotel Room Environment Is Perfectly Crafted For Sleep

The best hotels put a lot of thought into making sure their guests have the best sleeping experience possible. For example, hotel rooms often feature air conditioning as a cooler room helps you sleep better.

The level of light in the room also has a direct impact on the quality of sleep, so you’ll often find blinds or blackout curtains to ensure light pollution isn’t keeping you awake. A dimmer switch or lamps around the room can also help the guest create the perfect level of light in the run-up to going to bed.

Hotel Bedding Is Always Clean & Fresh

Most of the hotels use Luxury Linen from Rekhas House of Cotton – India’s Leading Manufacturer of Bed & Bath Linen. There are few better feelings than when you’ve just washed your bed sheets and you’re climbing into bed to use them for the first time. That crisp, clean feeling can instantly make you feel more relaxed. At home, it’s common for people to not replace their bedding as often as they should. We lead busy lives and it’s not something that’s always at the top of our priorities. Due to this, climbing into bedding that hasn’t been washed for a while can have an effect on the quality of our sleep. In a hotel, you don’t have this problem.

Hotels have stringent cleaning policies – especially more so since the pandemic – and will wash their bedding regularly. Due to dozens of guests using the same bedding over the course of few months, bedding is washed far more regularly than the washing we do at home. But, due to this constant use and regular washing, hotel bedding needs replacing more often than bedding at home. So, you’re more likely to be sleeping in brand new bedding that still retains its original quality in a hotel than you would be on top of that home bed sheet that you haven’t replaced in over a year (pro tip: we’ve got some quality bed sheets if you need them).

Hotels Use Quality Bedding

As previously mentioned, hotels will replace bedding a lot more often than we would at home. But that doesn’t mean that hotel bedding is of lower quality. In fact, it’s the opposite. Hotels will look for the best quality bedding that’s capable of withstanding consistent use by many people and capable of holding up against regular washing cycles.

Hotels, especially hotels with hundreds of rooms, will often outsource the cleaning of bedding to laundries, which carry out rigorous commercial washing processes that we simply wouldn’t follow when we use our humble home washing machines. So, hotels will look to purchase their bedding from suppliers like us, Vision Linens, as we craft bedding capable of retaining its quality over the long-run. So, when you’re looking to buy bedding from your home, it’s always worth looking to buy bedding that the best hotels use, as you can be assured you’re getting the finest quality.

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