What’s the Difference Terry Towels vs Turkish Towels

by Rifen Gonsalves, November 5 2022

Turkish Cotton vs Terry Cloth

Have you ever wondered what goes well with you when you plan a pool day or a beach day with your family, (Well I know it’s your smile, hehe) but I am talking about those super-luxurious & absorbent Pool Towels which you wash after going for a bath? Well, Combine luxury with comfort with Rekhas Super-Absorbent Pool & Beach Towels. However, you might not fully enjoy the beach experience if you still bring ordinary bath towels.

Moreover, you can make your time at the beach feel more comfortable and memorable with the right towel. However, finding “the right towel” means you have to choose: Turkish towels or Terry Cloth towels? 
Well, let us know the difference

Terry Cloth Towels: Is This For You?

Terry Towels is a kind of fabric that has multiple protruding loops of thread. Thanks to this structure, terry fabric is capable of absorbing large amounts of water. This advantage explains why it’s commonly used as fabric in a hand towels, or bath robes.

Manufacturers weave Terry Cloth through knitting or weaving and are known for having two main warp beams. Terry Cloth has a ground warp that forms the towel’s base, and a pile warp made up of the iconic loops that Terry Cloth is known for. Thanks to these beams, these cloths can absorb a lot of water but have a soft feeling at the same time. 

Turkish Towel: Premium Quality Towels From Turkey

On the other hand, these Turkish towels use special cotton from Turkey. Their cotton comes with long fibers that come from Turkey. The fact that companies outsource this cotton from Turkey is a testament to the quality these products have. In fact, this cotton’s special qualities make it a premium quality fiber in terms of products. This material makes this perfect for a fleece robe, or a stylish Turkey towel. 

In essence, this cotton contains very long fibers. When spun, these fibers produce fewer joints, which therefore results in smoother and stronger threads. Moreover, fabric enthusiasts love this cotton as more washings result in more absorbent, fluffier, and softer cotton.

And if you know the difference then let us know in the comments

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