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Coconut trees, pristine beaches, beautiful cliffs, musical bliss & refreshing environs are some of the ways you can define Goa. Goa is one of the smallest states in India and a blooming tourist destination for both domestic & international foreigners. Goa is a small state but packs around 130 km of coastline with a large stretch of mostly pristine beaches and clean waterfalls.

Tourists prefer both North Goa & South Goa as it offers more choices and activities in terms of hotels, restaurants, and nightlife. South Goa attracts tourists who are mostly looking for a relaxing vacation. You will either see a lot of beach huts in Goa for low-end tourists or five-star properties for high-end tourists enjoying a luxury vacation & that is where Rekhas House of Cotton – India’s leading manufacturer of Bed & bath Linen comes into picture.

What is Rekhas House of Cotton?

Rekhas House of Cotton is India’s leading manufacturer of Bed & bath Linen like pillows, bedsheets, towels, bathmats and other hotel linen with its corporate office setup in Margao, Goa & branches set up in Guwahati, Gangtok, Kochi, Bengaluru, Tamil Nadu & internationally in Maldives & Mexico.

If you are a Hotel owner or Guesthouse owner looking to get the best quality linen for your hotels or resorts in Goa then you can opt for Rekhas House of Cotton as we are the leading suppliers of Linen to the top-tier hotels in Goa.

According to most of the hotel owners in Goa we had surveyed that the tourists or guests are mainly focused on linen & henceforth they choose hotels based on the best luxury linen, this type of luxury linen like bedsheets, towels, duvets, mats are available to you at Rekhas house of Cotton located in Margao-Goa, We have taken the viewpoint of the tourists & made luxury linen so that your Stays & Inns have the best possible reviews so that your business can grow.

How to contact Rekhas House of Cotton?

You can contact Rekhas House of Cotton by using the following
Mobile Number: 7875999993/8640833330
Mail us: digital@rekhashouseofcotton.com
You can visit our store in Goa (by clicking here)

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