Pillow Covers for your Hotels in Chennai

by Rifen Gonsalves, 24 November 2022

Welcome to the world of Pillow Covers from Rekhas House of Cotton – a place where premium quality and great value go hand in hand. Rekhas Pillow covers are built carefully to deliver exceptional quality. Right from the materials used, to detailed quality checks, to thoughtful improvements, quality is at the core of everything of our Pillow Covers. We invest our resources only on what is important to you and minimize costs on things like packaging, advertising and other extras that don’t add value. This helps us keep our costs low and create products from Rekhas House of Cotton that deliver more value for the price you pay. Expect a little more every time you buy pillow covers from Rekhas House of cotton.

Why Hotels choose Pillow Covers from Rekhas House of Cotton?

1. 100 % Cotton Pillow Covers
Rekhas premium Pillow cover range is made from 100% cotton. The cotton used in the making of these pillow covers undergoes a rigorous combing process to retain only long fibers. This process makes the yarn strong and soft making the pillow cover long lasting and soft to touch. The pillowcases are designed to enhance better air-circulation as the cotton fibers drain away moisture, making them breathable and comfortable.

2. Rekhas Premium Pillow Covers:
When buying a pillow cover, you should check for TC or thread count which refers to the number of threads that make up one square inch of fabric. Typically, the finer the threads that can be woven together, the softer the fabric. Rekhas House of Cottons premium range of pillow covers with 400 TC are soft, comfortable and easy to wash, making them a practical addition to your home.

3. Standard Size Pillow Covers:
Rekhas House of Cotton’s premium pillow cover set of 2 comes in a standard size of 17 x 27 inch each, making them an ideal pair for your bed. The covers are also hemmed at the edges, thus giving them a neat finish and adding to the visual appeal of your pillows.

4. A Perfect Match:
These pillowcases from Rekhas House of Cotton also match the bedsheet sets from Rekhas House of Cotton available in the same colour. You can also pair it with different bedsheet designs, while ensuring an elegant look for your bedroom.

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