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by Rifen gonsalves, 30 November 2022

Everybody has their own Sleep Story – and we speak to customers every day about theirs. At Rekhas House of Cotton – We want Duvets so that our customers can achieve a better quality of sleep, and this is why we put so much love and care into responsibly sourcing each element that goes into creating our Duvets range, here in Rekhas House of Cotton. Get these soft & comfortable duvets in Andaman & Nicobar islands as We have newly launched our store there, don’t worry you will find the best quality duvets at a cheaper rate so that your hotel décor provides an exotic look.


Similarly to a quilt, Duvet usually called a comforter is a type of bedding consisting of a soft flat bag filled with either down, feathers, wool, cotton, silk, or a synthetic alternative, and is typically protected with a removable cover & the real difference between duvets and quilts is the middle layer.



Duvets are generally considered warmer than quilts because there is a lot more thickness to them. And even though they don’t often lend themselves to a layered look, you can still slip blankets underneath them to make duvets even warmer. However, if you want to hold onto your duvet in the summer, you can find lighter-weight duvets and drop the bottom layers. Or you can use your duvet’s cover for your bedding and store the duvet itself away until winter.


For some people, being trapped under too much weight while trying to sleep can feel like a nightmare. For others, extra weight is soothing, helping them relieve anxiety and drift off to sleep the same way being swaddled helps babies nod off. Duvets tend to have more weight to them than the average quilt. If you’re a restless sleeper who doesn’t mind a little extra weight, a duvet may be the cure to your sleepless woes.

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