Bedrunners in Kerala from Rekhas House of Cotton

by Sailee Lotlikar, 1 December 2022

If you’re sprucing up your bedroom, it’s time to look at various ways to add style to the room without costing a fortune. One of those ways is bedding. You may not even have to purchase new sheets, bedspreads, or pillowcases for this type of spruce-up. You can start by adding a Bed runner from Rekhas House of Cotton, These Bed Runners are available in Kerala from Rekhas House of Cotton.

Have you ever noticed that hotels often use bed runners and wondered why?

A custom bed runner is a piece of fabric that drops down on both sides of the bed…basically a long runner. It’s a fabulous way to enhance your bedding by adding a bit of color, pattern or texture—especially if the sheets, duvet, pillow, etc. are in neutral or white tones! Essentially, a custom bed scarf may be the perfect thing to pull together and elevate the design of your bed.

This is about functionality too. A bed runner adds charm, but it offers protection to the bedding. Not only is it used as a protection, but it most definitely keeps the feet warm while napping. Beauty, comfort, and practicality? Yes, that’s right. All of the above. One such bed runner with all its bed qualities is produced by the Leading manufacturer of bed and bath linen – Rekhas House of cotton.

Bed runners have been initially made to maintain the quilt, bedspread or duvets clean, however in addition they have been intended to feature color, texture and fashion to the bedroom, especially if the pinnacle dressing of the mattress turned into a solid color or white. They have been first utilized in greater pricey hotels, so the resort ought to upload to the décor with the aid of using surely including a mattress runner. That manner the resort ought to use white sheets, which have been much less high-priced to buy and launder.

Rekhas Bed runners are a versatile and flexible way to style a bed. To change the look of a bed, simply adding a bed runner with cushions to match can breathe new life into the space.
Rekhas Bed runners are also an affordable way to change the look of a bedroom, without investing in new bed linen. Just swap the bed runner from one style to another to alter the look. Also, when you add a luxurious bed runner to your decor, you can instantly recreate the look of a luxurious resort room at home.

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