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by Sailee Lotlikar, 1 December 2022

We all have our favorite blankets, Some are just cozier than others. We got you cuddled up in our blankets! Rekhas Camel Blankets are all you need this Winter to cuddle up with your loved ones & enjoy your sleep with these cozy & warm blankets from Rekhas House of Cotton is India’s leading manufacturer of Towels, Bedsheets, Duvets, Pillows, Bath mats, Blankets, Pillow covers, Duvet covers and all Bed & Bath Linen products. Cuddle yourself up in your bed with all new Rekhas Camel Blankets which are soft and fluffy in Chennai from Rekhas House of Cotton.

When it’s time to cozy up with a new blanket…

You want the best. From soft, fresh and cuddly, your new blanket has many qualities you might not even think about. Your sheets provide softness against your skin and your comforter offers warmth and décor appeal, but what about a cozy blanket? For most people the blanket is tucked in between the two layers and creates a special, extra pocket of comfort. Who would’ve thought choosing a blanket is more than just picking a color and size? We decided to say goodbye to our old blankets and trade it in for a new, cozy one. But we had a few questions that needed answering first.

Let’s talk about the best fabric for your blanket

Choosing an appropriate fabric for your new blanket isn’t as simple as you may think. The fabric should be based on individual preferences from how you sleep to any allergy concerns – there’s a blanket to suit your unique needs. Some people prefer a fuzzy blanket, while others may prefer a smooth texture. We broke down the 6 most common blanket fabrics and their benefits.

Cotton. Cotton blankets hold up well when repeatedly washed, reducing the build-up of allergens in the bed’s microclimate. Cotton can be lightweight enough to use for summer sleep or heavy enough for winter use. The best qualities of cotton are its breathability and softness, enhancing comfort.

Wool. Wool can be heavy or lightweight and is often used to warm and insulate, especially when shivering during the winter months. Wool can also be lightweight and used in the summer to keep you cool as it helps dissipate moisture throughout the night. Some wool can be itchy but most modern wool blankets are smooth, lightweight and a good option for year-round comfort.

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