Get the best & soft Pillow Protectors in Bengaluru

by Sailee Lotlikar, 1 December 2022

A good pillow can only withstand so much use before the wear starts to become apparent. If you’re anything like those who cling to your favourite pillow that cradles your head and neck just the right way, you’ll probably want to buy a pillow protector to give it an extra layer of safety and protection. Guessing where you’ll find the best pillow protectors in Bengaluru? Rekhas House of Cotton got you covered. They are India’s Leading Manufacturer of bed and bath linen.

Why Pillow Protectors from Rekhas House of Cotton are good

A pillow protector is a sleeve for your pillow that goes under your pillowcase to provide a buffer from sweat, drool, food spills, makeup, and so on. They’re made with a range of materials, from tightly woven cotton to synthetic polyester blends to terry and even vinyl. Pillow protectors generally have two components: the fabric (or plastic) material and the zipper closure. They’re simple enough but can make a huge difference in extending a pillow’s shelf life.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much you spend so much as you get something that you like and that works for you. If you’re looking for impermeability but worried about sleeping hot, consider the pillow protector from Rekhas House of cotton. No matter what you get, your pillow will thank you.
Unfortunately people don’t realize that they sweat like a liter of water a night, so for anybody who’s ever weighed themselves in the morning, and then notice that that’s the lightest they’ve been all day, it’s not an accident, because you actually lost water weight over night. So you wake up in the morning, and you’re just lighter, but the water went somewhere, right? The water is collected by the kidneys and leaves in the form of urine when you wake up. It also goes to perspiration, your hair, or breath.
That’s why we refurbish pillows, but that’s also why we recommend and say that using a pillow protector is quite possibly one of the most important things that you can do, because it adds the longevity to the pillow.

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