Pillow Protectors in Kerala from Rekhas House of Cotton

by Rifen Gonsalves, 2 December 2022

Your pillows are your allies to a night of good and restful sleep. Give them the protection they deserve, with the Rekhas House of Cotton Brand – Satin Stripe Pillow Protector! A zipper ensures your pillow is fully enclosed within the protector. The TPU layer fabric is extremely breathable and comfortable. It is noiseless as well, making sure that when you move while you sleep, no sounds are created and you get a good night’s rest. In humid conditions, it will protect your pillow from sweat, humidity & more. You don’t have to worry about thinning, fraying, or ripping when it comes to this product since it is wear-and-tear resistant and is meant for regular use for a long time. If you’re looking for comfort with durability to give you a restful night, you’ve found the perfect product!

First of all, Let’s see – What is a Pillow Protector?

The name speaks for itself, pillow protectors are designed to protect your pillows from spills, stains and wear and tear. It’s just an extra layer of material which sits between the pillow filling and the outer case. You can fit them on exactly as you would a regular pillow case, with some folding over to close and some zipping up to create a complete seal.

Most pillow protectors are machine-washable, which means you can slip them off and wash them before replacing. Some can also go in the tumble dryer, although you must be careful not to shrink them beyond the size of the pillow. Pillow protectors are generally sold in packs of two or four to accommodate for sets of pillows and are available in a range of sizes.

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