Soft Duvets in Goa

by Sailee Lotlikar, 2 December 2022

“Having a slow start to the day wrapped up in a duvet isn’t lazy; it’s precious,”. “Taking the time to appreciate home and the sanctuary it can offer is often a welcome relief for those seeking calm amidst a busy life.”
All good things come in pairs: movies and popcorn, wine and food, a New Year and resolutions, winter and Duvets. While we have a love-hate relationship with extremely cold weather, we surely do adore snuggling up in a warm fuzzy Duvet at any time of the day.
One of the most versatile items in your linen closet, a Duvet is large piece of soft cloth used to keep you warm as you snooze.


Whether you are outdoors, indoors, or simply crave a nostalgic layer of retreat, our fall/winter Rekhas house of Cotton Duvets has you covered. They are the leading manufacturer of bed and bath linen.
Rekhas Duvets tend to be fluffier and warmer compared to Blankets. Thanks to their high quality down or down alternative fill.

Rekhas Duvets are typically made in specific weights for different levels of warmth, and are made with design aesthetics in mind. Rekhas Duvets are filled with high quality filling.

Rekhas Duvet inserts do not need to be washed often as their cover. This makes routinely washing your bedding much easier.

Rekhas Duvets are far superior in style and function as they are traditionally white and require a cover. Duvet covers can be updated seasonally or as often as you’d like giving you the perfect way to switch up the style of your bedding.

Rekhas House of Cotton Duvets are warm, surprisingly lightweight, easy to maintain and very versatile. The duvet cover makes it easier to change bedding styles by keeping the same duvet insert and updating your cover. You won’t need to wash your duvet insert very often, just wash the cover regularly.
Not all sleep is created equal. Not all down is created equal, either. Every Rekhas House of Cotton duvet offers you the finest fill that is responsibly sourced, sterilized using the Ultra15 Clean process, then wrapped in a 400 thread count cotton satin stripe cover that feels incredible.

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