Improve your Sleep Using Blankets and Throws

by Rifen Gonsalves, 5 December 2022

Studies have shown that adults need seven or more hours of sleep every night for good health and well-being. But did you know that getting quality sleep is not easy? Getting a good sleep depends on many factors. This may include your environment, physical activity, mental health, what you eat and drink, among others.

Having good quality blankets and throws is one way to improve your sleep every night. These super soft blankets are available from Rekhas House of Cotton – India’s Leading manufacturer & Supplier of Bed & Bath Linen. They provide the warmth and comfort you deserve for a restful and peaceful sleep. This article looks at ways to use blankets and throws to achieve a night of quality sleep.

Put the Throw on Top of the Blanket on the Bottom of Your Bed

Blankets provide you with warmth at night. Good blankets should be soft and warm enough to create comfort while sleeping. It should fit your bed properly and be able to cover you fully.

For colder nights, you can fold your throw depending on its size and put it on the bottom of your bed to provide warmth to your feet. This is great for people who experience cold feet.

Putting a throw on your blanket at the foot of your bed will also make your room look stylish and attractive.
You can get the best Blankets from Rekhas House of Cotton as they manufacture blankets & throws by taking the above points into consideration.

Spreading the Blanket and Throw on the Bed

Winter calls for warmer attire, starting from your clothes to your beddings. Throws and blankets and is an excellent way to keep yourself warm on chilly nights.

Spreading your blankets and adding a throw on top of the blanket will provide you with the warmth you need for the night. However, some throws are not big enough to cover the bed. You can choose to add a throw on your upper body, midsection or place it according to your liking.

You Can Easily Turn Blankets and Throws into Pillows

Have you ever gone camping without a pillow? Most people who use pillows at night find it difficult to sleep without one. You can fold your throw into a rectangle and use it to support your head to help you sleep better while camping.

You can as well fold the throw into a pillow and use it on your bed while covering yourself with a blanket. Again, they are soft and small and are unlikely to cause neck strain and pain.

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