Super – Absorbent Hand Towels in Maldives from Rekhas House of Cotton

by Rifen Gonsalves, 7 December 2022

That self care moment when an extremely soft towel touches your hand! Mesmerize your towel collection by adding Rekhas luxury Hand towels which are 100% cotton and super-absorbent. Remove unnecessary stains & marks using Rekhas Hand Towels – A leading Linen Supplier in Maldives. Rekhas House of Cotton Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading manufacturer of Towels, Bedsheets, Duvets, Pillows, Bath mats, Blankets, Pillow covers, Duvet covers and all Bed & Bath Linen products. Made from 100% organic Turkish cotton, our Hand Towels gets softer with each wash (but don’t lose their absorbency). They look just at home in the kitchen as in the bathroom.

What Are Hand Towels?

1. Hand Towels are Larger

At about 16” x 30”, hand towels are larger than face towels (or washcloths) which generally measure only 13” x 13.” It’s easier to tell them apart at a glance just by seeing the size difference.

2. They’re Apparently Named For Their Purpose

The rule of thumb when it comes to towels is its purpose dictates the frequency of use and where it is displayed. However, since the majority of us do not pay much attention to our towels, we usually use the same towel for a number of purposes. They are found in hotels, spas, beauty or wellness centers, or medical facilities. For personal use, it is ideal to have dedicated hand towels in the bathroom as well.

Ultimately, this type of towel is intended for drying the hands after washing. You may, however, also use them, to dry and clean your feet or hair but following the same principle, it’s best to keep a separate towel for each purpose.

If you want to be as sanitary as possible, opt to have separate hand towels in your bathroom. This will prove beneficial, too, when hosting for friends or relatives—you wouldn’t want them using your washcloth or bath towels to dry their hands. Display hand towels in a basket next to the sink.

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