Chic Bathrobes Now in Guwahati from Rekhas House of Cotton

Beautiful Bathrobes in Guwahati
Bathrobes in Guwahati for your comfort from Rekhas house of Cotton

Just what are bathrobes used for? It’s a good question. While the bath robe may be an iconic piece of clothing, its name implies an activity that’s become a rare occurrence ever since the advent of the showerhead. In a time when baths are seen as the occasional indulgence, it’s worth asking how you can get practical use out of a women’s bathrobe (or men’s bathrobe, for that matter) 365 days a year. Shop exceptional bathrobes by Rekhas House of Cotton made from the finest cottons and cotton blends with unparalleled luxury and supreme elegance now available in Guwahati from Rekhas House of Cotton Private Limited as it is India’s leading manufacturer of Towels, Bed sheets, Duvets, Pillows, Bath mats, Blankets, Pillow covers, Duvet covers and all Bed & Bath Linen products.

What are Bathrobes for? How to Wear & Use your Bath Robe!

As it turns out, there’s a lot you can do. Here’s how to use a bathroom for every occasion.

For Baths

Ok, this one is easy. And despite what we just said about baths being a less common occasion, we hope you’ll still find the time to occasionally spoil yourself with a tub full of just-hot-enough water and your favorite-scented bath bomb.

Once you feel satisfied with your soak (tip: it’s a great time to catch up with your latest podcast obsession), you could simply pluck a bath towel from the rack and dry yourself off that way. But that wouldn’t really feel special, would it?

You can continue pampering yourself by opting for a bathrobe instead. No matter its price, a bathrobe made of soft terry cloth becomes a perfect spa robe. It will always feel luxurious.

For Mornings

For as much thought goes into what you’ll be wearing during the day, it’s surprising more time isn’t spent considering what you wear before the day gets started. When it comes to your morning wear, consider the options: you could get dressed in your workwear immediately, and then head downstairs for breakfast.

But whether you’re frying up bacon or tearing the lid from a carton of yogurt, there’s always the chance that you might dirty your work clothes before work gets started. Alternatively, if you simply wear your pajamas and get downstairs you may find yourself feeling a bit chilly or exposed without the addition of covers.

You can solve both of these problems by pulling on a bathrobe the moment you step out of bed. It will provide the warmth you need, particularly if you decide on a flannel robe lined with fleece, and can also soak up the occasional spot of coffee or drip of egg yolk without setting back your schedule. Maybe that’s why some people refer to their bathrobes as “morning coats.”

For Not-Getting-Dressed-Yet Outings

And what if your morning requires you to step outside, but only temporarily? Once again, the bathrobe is here to help. The reasons for crossing the threshold of your front door before you are officially ready for the day are many: you might have to let the dog out, pick up a paper, move a car, or simply get a better look at that robin you heard singing from the kitchen. The one thread that ties all of these scenarios together is that they don’t require you to walk upstairs and put an entire outfit on. So long as you have a good pair of slippers handy, you can simply step outside in your bath robe without wasting any time going upstairs to change.

For Nights In

The last two scenarios have considered the role a women’s bathrobe can play before you head to work, but what about after you’ve returned? After all, there’s no rule stating that you have to remain in your 9-5 wear after the 9-5 is done. If you’re intent on relaxing once you’ve come home, there are few better ways to ease into the night-in mindset than to pull on a bathrobe, or lounge coat if you prefer. Once you’ve snuggled into your robe and cinched its belt as loosely or tightly as you desire, plop yourself onto the couch to catch up with whatever’s streaming or tuck into a good book. It’s okay if you end up falling asleep. Wrapped in so much softness, who can blame you?

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