Get Luxury Duvets in Chennai from Rekhas House of Cotton

What is a Duvet?

Duvet is soft quilts, filled with synthetic fibre. Mostly pure, soft Cotton & feathers are used in place of upper sheets and blankets. Duvets are protected from a removable cover which is called the duvet cover. It originated in Europe and is made from synthetic fibre and feathers, but you can get these amazing Duvets in Chennai from Rekhas House of Cotton.

The spirit behind Rekhas Duvets is always about seeking peace & serenity to your comfort & to harmonize a soft & luxury melody for your Bed Linen, Get these beautiful duvets in Chennai from Rekhas house of Cotton.
Cozy Duvets in Chennai

Tips & Tricks to Choose the Right Duvet

1. Material

There are different materials to choose from when purchasing a duvet. Cotton is most common and easy to use but some older teens like the feel of silk too. It also depends on your budget. Cotton covers are the most affordable options and easy to care for.
There are the best duvet covers available in cotton which are easy to wash and can be used to make many types of covers. There is also a blend of lightweight duvet of cotton with polyester too and has a high thread count. Some older teens may like lightweight duvets with animal silk duvet covers.


There are a couple of sizes available when it comes to duvet. Duvet usually come in sizes ranging from a single bed to a double bed to a queen-size bed, king-size bed and even super king-size duvet cover also available.
Most Duvets are for single sized beds and are available in a size of 140210 cm. They are geared towards young people in design and style. Three quarter duvet covers come in a size of 180210 cm but these are not the common bedding size. Double duvets are around 200cm*200 cm in size and some double duvets are the same size as three-quarter covers and fit either size bed comfortably.

3. Style

Duvet style of bedding and duvet covers for children offers many styles that complement the existing décor and celebrate children’s love of favourite colour and pay tribute to favourite cartoon movie, character or superhero. Rekhas House of Cotton makes customizable Duvets so that you can have a duvet of your choice.
Duvet covers come in a wide range of colours from bright to dark. You can buy the best duvet covers with a monochromatic bedroom look and can choose from various colours such as green, pink, yellow, solid colour and other basic colours. Most people like buying the best duvet covers with their favourite characters on them.

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