Sleep on Luxury with Rekhas Pillows in Guwahati

Not to add too much pressure to your hunt for the perfect pillow, but the pillow you choose can have huge impact on how well you sleep. Besides factoring in your personal preferences for materials and shape, the key to buying a pillow is finding one that keeps you properly aligned all night. To help with the pillow finding process we got you pillows from Rekhas House of Cotton. They are suitable for all types of sleepers and adjusts according to your preference. Rekhas House of Cotton is the leading manufacture of bed and bath linen supplying all over India like Goa, Guwahati, Gangtok, Kerala, Chennai, Bengaluru, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and also in Maldives.

Enjoy a comfortable night sleep with this superb set of Rekhas House of Cotton Pillow. The quality luxury pillow has a luxurious non allergenic super bounce fiber filling with a medium firmness rating. Featuring a box shape with a unique design that contours to your head and neck for ultimate comfort. The high quality cover contains the super bounce fibers. To finish the pillow has neat piped seams.

The quality of your pillows is just as important as the quality of your mattress. Snoozing on a luxe, perfectly plush mattress while laying your head on slices of cardboard that you call pillows can have a large impact on your quality of sleep.

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