Here’s why you need to have Good Bathmats

Turns out, a bathroom mat isn’t simply one thing your mom uses to “tie the space along.” Maybe you don’t assume a shower mat works with the flow of your rest room, or even you’re uninterested in that eternally-damp carpet beside the bathtub. But maybe, just maybe, you must reconsider before skipping the mat altogether. The fact is, a decent mat serves many sensible and vital functions like serving to you keep upright once it comes time to exit of the shower, moderating your body’s temperature, and protective your rest room from long water harm.

Here are 3 reasons why you really ought to stick with a bathroom mat.

1. Safety first

You’ve seen commercials. “Help me, I slipped in the shower and can’t get up!”

A wet tile floor is the perfect surface for an impromptu slide. Honestly, you don’t need that kind of excitement before work or a blind date. As a practical safety net, a mat can be placed next to the tub to provide the support you need when getting out of the tub.

 2. Hot and cold

An important but often overlooked benefit of using a good bathroom mat is how well it helps regulate your body temperature.

Please think about it. We lose a lot of heat through our feet. The shock of a rough transition from a hot shower to a freezing cold floor is enough to pull a lot of heat straight out of your body, leaving you feeling chilly for quite some time. It may sound trivial, but unregulated body temperature can take a big toll on young children, the elderly, or those in bad weather.

3. Save the floor

You’ve seen it – water pools along the tub, runs down the baseboard, and pools in cracks in the mortar.

Sure, you can wipe them off when you’re done with the towels. However, this will give the water enough time to penetrate the wood and even seep through the ceiling if it gets bad enough. Just lay down your mat and things won’t get out of hand. Bath mats catch the water that runs out of the shower through the curtains and absorbs what drips from your body, thus preventing major problems with your bathroom floor later on.

Need a new bath mat?

We thought so.

A brand new bathroom mat is a great way to refresh your space and improve the safety and health of your home. Sounds like you need a new favorite bath mat.

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