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Why do hotel bedding seem so much more luxurious than home linens? First off, hotel bedding are freshly laundered, crisply pressed, and properly tucked by someone else. These small details greatly contribute to the appeal of hotel bedding. Beyond that, they are entirely white, which some claim to be the most relaxing color for sleeping on. Additionally, they are frequently built to last with tighter weaves and better yarns than what is typical at home.

You can recreate the same five-star hotel bedroom at home thanks to businesses like Rekhas House of Cotton Private Limited, which offers a wide selection of opulent bedding created by the firms that make the greatest hotel linens in the world. They are the top producer of bed and bath linen in India, shipping their goods to places like Goa, Guwahati, Gangtok, Kerala, Chennai, Bengaluru, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, as well as the Maldives.


1. Give your pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets a second rinse. It’s significant. Sheets turn yellow owing to excess washing detergent residue, which is difficult to eliminate with only one rinse. Over time, a build-up of detergent will cause your sheets to become discolored and yellow.

2. Avoid using fabric softeners since they coat natural fibers and cause them to break down. The same is true of dryer sheets: Lint adheres to them, causing abrasion within the dryer that may result in pilling.

3. Use warm or cold water while washing. Less hot water is required these days since detergents function effectively and lower temperatures are better for the environment. Most other things enter at 40 degrees Celsius, but whites often do so at 60 degrees Celsius.

4. Remove the sheets from the dryer before they are totally dry. Stretch them out and fold them; this method is almost as efficient as ironing. Drape them on a drying rack.

5. Keep your dryer from being too hot; this is what damages most materials. A hot dryer degrades and destroys natural fibers, yet hot water is not a concern. Fabric overheats in the final seconds of the drying cycle, becoming brittle and fading over time. Additionally, excessive heat makes materials static, which draws dust.

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