Rekhas House of Cotton Towels Production Process

Many of us use the towels that are necessary for our bathrooms on a daily basis, but very few of us are aware of their manufacturing process. In this blog, we provide a quick explanation of Rekhas towel’s trip from the fields to the restrooms.

The creation of yarn from raw materials is the initial stage in the towel-making process. Cotton is typically utilized in the creation of towels due to its high water absorption capacity, softness, and other qualities including color fastness and durability. But linen is also a popular fiber. Polyester was also used with cotton while making towels in order to improve the strength and color brilliance of cotton.

Factory-produced yarn and towels are made from the cotton that is most suited for weaving after going through a number of steps including winding, warping, sizing, drawing, and weft weaving. The technique of dying the textiles made by weaving the bark and the bottom continues the manufacturing process. A towel goes through the production process, gets dyed, which is primarily done after weaving, and is then ready for use. Rarely are the threads braided after being dyed. These towels are referred to as yarn-dyed towels. The dyeing procedure is typically postponed to the following step because this has a cost-increasing effect. The manufacture of towels is completed by the stitching step.

There are currently a wide variety of towel patterns available. Various towels with border weaving on the ends. A portion of the towel is woven without lint, which results in design variations that provide the consumer several options.

We briefly touched on the key issues surrounding Rekhas towel manufacture in our post. Additionally, we said in our prior articles that a high-quality towel should have qualities like quick and high water absorption. We have advised you that it is crucial to pick a towel that is appropriate for both you and your intended use. 

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