Here’s Why You Need Duvet Cover

Love breakfast in bed? But scared to get your duvet dirty? Not Anymore…

Are you planning to give your room a makeover? Or just to protect your duvet from clumsy kids or playful pets? Or maybe you discovered that your blanket has a cover on top and wondering what it does…Well, all the answers point to (drumroll please) a Duvet Cover From Rekhas House of Cotton. Its India’s leading manufacturer of bed and bath linen, exporting their products to locations including Goa, Guwahati, Gangtok, Kerala, Chennai, Bengaluru, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and the Maldives.

Whether it is just for now that you are listening to music in your bed, or maybe watching Netflix or even just browsing for a new cover to revamp the look of your room. 

What’s the point of duvet cover?

Who wouldn’t like to have a lovely Sunday brunch served to them in bed? Consider me in. but soon you realize how difficult it is to make your bed? Ugh!! When you have a Rekhas House of Cotton duvet cover around, you should not be afraid.

Having a duvet cover will shield your pricey bedding from routine washings. Did you know that a duvet cover will shield your down comforter from body oils, makeup, and other objects that can come in contact with it? Similar to how pillowcases protect pillows, duvet covers serve as the upper layer of defense for your duvet or comforter. They are frequently referred to as “big pillowcases.” Yass! I find this name for duvet covers to be hilarious.

For the duvet cover of your choosing, you can use any kind of duvet or comforter as an insert. Yes, you read that accurately. Although the name could give you the impression that they are solely for duvets, “duvet” is actually the French word for “comforter,” so you could also refer to them as duvet coverings.

To guarantee that your duvet is kept safely inside the cover, this enormous pillowcase, also known as a duvet, typically has a zipper or button closure. Many duvet covers also include insert ties to help maintain your duvet in its proper position.

Both comforters and duvets are filled with cozy, insulating materials that will keep you warm and cozy all night long. As a result of the insulation’s superior ability to trap heat within, it keeps you warmer than a simple blanket would. Duvets are fantastic because you can customize them to fit your sleeping style by simply changing the insulating material inside. When the sheets are thinner and the heat may more readily escape, Rekhas Duvet covers can aid with the insulation process by helping to trap that heat around you or by providing it a cooling effect. They accomplish all of this while yet maintaining the pleasant softness of the fabric.

 What could be more relaxing than curling up beneath a warm blanket on a chilly winter day with a gorgeous fuzzy fleece duvet cover from Rekhas House of Cotton? Ahh! Such joy.

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