Why Pillow Protectors are a Must for every Pillow

What are Pillow protectors?

Pillow protectors are basics of a healthy sleep environment which provide not only protection for the pillow but also prevent bed bugs and dust mites, Hence you can get the best of Pillow Protectors from Rekhas House of Cotton Pillow protectors are like pillow cases with fabric technology that offers enhanced features for your health and comfort. A standard pillow protector adds a layer of fabric that prevents some light wear and tear which is associated with sleeping on a pillow. Over time, pillows can fade, get dirty and incurred tears and holes. Using some standard pillow protectors surely can prevent various types of damage.

Best Pillow Protectors to Protect your pillow from Rekhas house of Cotton

Are Pillow Protectors necessary?

Pillow protectors are necessary because of chances are, you wash pillow cases every week. The fresh smell of clean linens fosters a feeling of confidence. Unless pillow protectors are being used, however, pillows are potentially host to pet dust mites, bed bugs, oil and perspiration. The benefits of using a pillow protector are many, and in many cases include keeping these undesirable substances out of pillows. Pillow protectors are an easy way to keep pillows cleaner. Although the effectiveness of pillow protectors varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, many of them do not allow dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens to pass through to the pillow.

How Do Pillow Protectors Work?

Using a pillow protector on the bed pillows at all times is an especially good idea if users suffer from asthma or allergies. Many pillow protectors help alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms by preventing triggers from infesting bed pillows, allowing users to sleep better and breathe easier at night. While it is believed that bed bugs are attracted to human warmth rather than dust, bed bugs tend to infest beds and pillows to gain easy access to humans each night. Because pillows are thick and fluffy and in a convenient location, they make excellent hosts for a bed bug infestation. Using special pillow protectors prevents the bugs from gaining access to pillows. Pillow protectors are keeping pillows cleaner and help breathing easier, they are also prolonging the life of the pillow. Keeping your bed linens clean is a must, and the best pillow protectors ensure your pillows stay as fresh as possible.

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