3 Reasons Your Property Needs Pool Towels & Fitness Towels

Get Best of Pool Towels & Gym Towels from Rekhas House of Cotton

At Rekhas House of Cotton, we believe that you should always use the right towels for the right place for your property. You wouldn’t use a car to dive in sky or a train to drive on a road, so why would you use bath towels outside of the guest room? Pools and fitness centers continue to become more and more common, with over 1 in 3 hotels featuring a pool onsite, either indoor or out, and 85% of hotels offering a fitness center. These onsite facilities are fast becoming expectations for guests looking for a quick workout or relaxing swim. And those expectations include the desire for amenities like activity appropriate towels.

So, leave the bath towels in the guest rooms and check out just a few of the reasons why you should stock up on Pool Towels and Fitness Towels from Rekhas House of Cotton – India’s Leading Manufacturer of all Bed & Bath Linen, One can get luxurious pool towels of different vibrant colours with maximum absorbency for your resort & speaking about fitness towels you can get hypoallergic & odour resistant Fitness towels with variety of colors to choose from, Get them from Rekhas House of Cotton.

1. The Right Towel Improves Guest Experience

If your guests use a traditional bath towel at the pool, they will often come up a little short. Pool towels are usually longer and wider, which means more coverage and more drying capability after a swim. It also means covering more space on lounge seating or poolside so guests can relax and soak in some sun.

When it comes to fitness centers, bath towels present the opposite problem: too much towel. When all you need to do is wipe some sweat off your brow or off of a machine, a full-size bath towel is unwieldy to use and carry around. Offering fitness towels in the gym isn’t just an amenity that guests appreciate, it’s a great way to give guests a way to keep their sweat to themselves, helping to prevent bacteria growth on machines and benches. Luxurious fitness towels from Rekhas House of Cotton are appropriately sized and far easier for guests to carry along with them for their whole workout.

2. Prevent Chemical Damage to Your Linens

Unlike bath towels, our pool towels are specially designed to withstand the chemicals commonly found in pool water. These chemicals are needed to keep your pool sanitary, but they can damage the untreated cotton fibers of bath towels. That means if you use regular towels instead of pool towels, you’ll reduce the lifespan and performance of your regular towels leading to product replacement way sooner than average. Using chlorine interaction stability, each one of our pool towels is made to last and woven to withstand numerous launderings.

The vibrant colors featured on our pool and fitness towels are vat dyed for improved durability and lasting colorfastness. Cones of yarn are dyed under high pressure to ensure that color penetrates the entire yard. Vat dyes are a special class of dyes that require a more involved process but imbue yarns with color that won’t come out during normal use and laundry processes. This process adds durability and longer color-life for linen products that will experience a higher volume of usage and more vigorous laundry cycles.

3. Save On Overall Laundry Costs

One of the biggest benefits of using the right towel for the right job is in the laundry room. When you use bath towels both in-room and poolside, it’s nearly impossible for the laundry room to know which is which. That means towels that have chlorinated water will be washed alongside the rest of your terry. Now the whole load is now compromised and could be damaged by the pool chemicals. Stocking pool towels means its quick and easy for the laundry room to identify and separate pool towels from regular bath towels, meaning no cross contamination of chemicals.

And when it comes to the fitness center, using a larger bath towel means you could end up processing nearly twice as many loads of laundry compared to using a smaller sized fitness towel. The average bath towel is around 24” x 50” while our fitness towels are 11” x 40”. That means a single bath towel is replaced by two fitness towels, increasing usage efficiency in both the gym and the laundry room.

Happy Guests Have Everything They Need

In the end, when you provide your guests with the appropriate towels for the activities you offer at your business, they’ll be happier, have a more satisfying experience, and you’ll save time, energy, and money.

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