What to Do With Hand Towels

Hand Towels Uses from Rekhas house of Cotton

You might not think about the topic of hand towels every day. However, if you own a commercial property, you should probably start thinking about how a supply of hand towels can benefit you and your patrons. Even if you are simply trying to improve the linen closet situation at your house, you can make a huge step forward by purchasing wholesale hand towels from Rekhas House of Cotton.

Below, we look at what makes hand towels important and how to maximize their use for your advantage

Features to Love About Humble Hand Towels

It may seem strange to feel a sense of enthusiasm about a simple 15″ x 25″ towel until you begin to realize just how important and versatile hand towels can be. From saving time to saving money, they can absolutely be assets for the business or home.

Why should you fall head over heels for hand towels?

  • They allow you to launder less often: Without hand towels at the ready, most people will grab the first towel they see, even if they only need to dry something small. This can lead to washing minimally soiled larger bath and hair towels repeatedly, which will both wear out the towels faster and run up utility bills unnecessarily.
  • They travel well: A hand towel can move effortlessly from the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchenette area because of its minimal size. People appreciate being able to grab a hand towel and not worry about the bulk.
  • They dry incredibly fast: When hung up on a towel rack with all surfaces exposed, a damp hand towel will dry faster than a larger towel simply because it has less surface area. This makes it easier to reuse hand towels at a more rapid rate, which can be important in hotel bathroom situations.
  • They offer greener alternatives to paper towel products: Many consumers want to cut down on their use of disposable materials including paper towels. Because they can be reused countless times, hand towels make more sense for people who are concerned about being better stewards of natural resources.
  • They can be super absorbent: A hand towel may be modest in stature, but it can be big in absorbency. Cotton hand towels are especially known for their absorbent properties. Even hand towels constructed of cotton-poly blends have a habit of wiping up messes and soaking up liquids fast.
  • They can be gentle on sensitive skin: Hand towels constructed of 100% natural cotton fibers and washed with a hypoallergenic detergent offer gentleness on any skin type. Consequently, they are reliable no matter who uses them.
  • They can be embellished: Countless hotels and inns offer guests the opportunity to purchase premium quality towels emblazoned with their logos. Additionally, embroidered hand towels elevate the sophistication of a bathroom, adding a bit of charm and professionalism.

Ways to Display Hand Towels

Like all towels, hand towels offer enough flexibility to vary their display. Consider rolling individual wholesale hand towels and putting them in a basket to keep them secure yet available. Another way to display a 15 x 25 towel is to lay it on top of a larger towel, such as a bath towel, on a rack. And stacked hand towels always have a classic appeal.

Feel like going a step further? Check out ways to create towel animals and objects online. Nothing could look more festive or whimsical than a generously sized hand towel folded and fluffed to look like a feathery bird or budding blossom.

Decorating With Wholesale Hand Towels

In addition to the practical aspects of hand towels, these wonderful additions to any master bath, hotel bathroom, powder room, spa area or gym facility can be part of a decorating theme. Hand towels come in a variety of colors, enabling business owners, facilities managers and homeowners to completely give their spaces a quick, affordable facelift.

For example, hand towels easily echo the main color themes of an establishment. They can also be used to add a pop of rich color to an otherwise neutral decor scheme. Or, hand towels can provide a contrasting visual element to add depth and uniqueness to the overall ambiance.

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