5 Reasons you need to use a Bathroom Mat

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Turns out, a bathroom mat isn’t just something your mom uses to “tie the room together.” Maybe you don’t think a bath mat works with the flow of your bathroom, or maybe you’re tired of that eternally-damp rug beside the tub. But maybe, just maybe, you should think again before skipping the mat altogether. The fact is, a good mat serves several practical and important purposes like helping you stay upright when it comes time to step out of the shower, that is why Rekhas House of Cotton brings you the best of Bath Mats, not only Bath mats one can get different products of Bed & Bathh Linen too, moderating your body’s temperature, and protecting your bathroom from long-term water damage.

Here are 5 Reasons why you really ought to stick with a Bathroom mat

1. Safety First

You’ve seen the commercials. “Help, I’ve slipped in the shower and I can’t get up!” Wet tile floor makes the perfect surface for an impromptu Slip ‘n Slide, and frankly, you don’t need that kind of excitement before work or your blind date. Placing elegant & luxurious mats from Rekhas House of Cotton beside your tub can serve as a practical safety solution, helping you get the necessary grip as you step out of the bath.

2. Save Your Floors

You’ve seen it — water pooling along the length of the tub, running down the baseboards and gathering in the cracks in the grout.

Sure, you can wipe that stuff up once you’re done using your towel. But, this still gives the water plenty of time to infiltrate, soaking into the wood and even through your ceilings if it gets bad enough.

Laying down a mat is enough to ensure things never get that out of hand. A bath mat will catch any water that leaks down the curtain and out of the shower, and it’ll soak up whatever drips off your body, saving you from huge problems with your bathroom floors later on.

3. Express Yourself

They say it’s all in the details!

You work hard to make your home your own. You’ve chosen that bookshelf, that bedspread, that ottoman for a reason. Your careful home design shouldn’t end in the bathroom.

Choosing a mat to suit your needs and styles is another careful detail that’ll help your space become uniquely yours. Choose a fun patterned or classic solid-color mat to add your final touch.

You might be surprised at how much more complete your space feels once you’ve laid down that perfect bathroom mat

4. Hot ‘n Cold

An important but often-overlooked benefit of using a good bathroom mat is how much it helps in your body’s temperature regulation.

Think about it.

We lose loads of heat through our feet. The shock of the rough transition from warm shower to ice cold floor is enough to draw plenty of heat right out of your body, leaving you with a chill that can last for quite some time.

It may sound minor, but for a small child, elderly, or under-the-weather person, unregulated body temps can take a huge toll.

5. Tie the Room Together

Your mom was right, too.

Especially in a small space, a stylish mat is a perfect touch to tie the room together. You can coordinate your hand towels with your shower curtain and soap dispenser, but without a great bathroom mat as a centerpiece, it’ll all be for naught.

A carefully-chosen mat can tie your bathroom design together through matching patterns or complementary colors, completing the space’s design in a subtle and classic way.

Need a New Bathroom Mat?

We thought so.

A brand new bathroom mat is a great way to freshen up your space and ensure your safety and the wellbeing of your home. Sounds like you need a new bath mat you can love.
Get The Best of Bath Mats today from Rekhas House of Cotton and replenish your bathroom decor!

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