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Sleeping without blankets can hinder your sleep and most importantly the quality of your sleep, Did you know: Sleep quality is often confused with the number of hours spent in bed, and although both are essential, They can be world’s apart,
Here in this guide from Rekhas House of Cotton will cover ” Why Sleeping without Blankets can harm your sleep?”
Rekhas House of Cotton is India’s Leading Manufacturer of bed & bath Linen where in one can buy pillows, pillow covers, duvets, duvet covers, bedsheets, bath mats, bath towels and all other Bed & Bath Linen. Human characteristics such as our circadian rhythm, the production of serotonin and melatonin, and maintaining core body temperature during sleep all depend significantly on blankets or some form of body covering.

Why Sleeping With A Blanket Is Important

Blankets promote our overall sleep quality by providing comfort that ensures the necessary sleep duration. Sleeping without blankets in hot climates may appear to be the most logical response to prevent overheating; yet in retrospect, those who try this without thinking through why people need to cover themselves when they sleep usually end up compromising their quality of sleep.
Most people don’t pay significant attention to using the correct type of blanket for different seasons or the regulated indoor temperature of your home. A person’s sleep environment should only be created after considering all the factors that influence the quality of your sleep. We look at why blankets are essential for sleep and look at ways to maintain or improve your sleep quality, especially during the hot summer months.  

How Do Blankets Contribute To Sleep Quality?

Just before we fall asleep, our core body temperature, which is linked to our circadian rhythm, will begin decreasing. This is a natural process that helps the body conserve energy and redirect some energy to systems in the body that still have work to do, like the digestive system.

A Few Final Thoughts On How Sleeping Without Blanket Can Harm Sleep

People do sleep without blankets, but many of us struggle psychologically with the absence of their blankie, and the adjustment robs them of much-needed quality sleep.
To remedy this, it is best to purchase suitable blankets and other bedding that suit your sleep requirements.
After you have read this article, you will agree with me that there are several reasons why people struggle with sleep, but these can be reduced to two things; lifestyle choices that affect your health and wellbeing, and poor bed and bedding choices that do not promote quality sleep.
You can systematically address these concerns by beginning with your health, and while you are busy exercising and eating healthy, you can start researching the many bedding accessory options. With bedding, it’s always best to first look at natural fabrics like wool and cotton. Pay attention to the benefits and characteristics of the different materials. Your research will undoubtedly improve the overall quality of your life, starting with quality sleep and your newfound admiration for blankets.

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