What is Satin Stripe Fabric? Let’s get to know

What is Satin Stripe fabric ? Lets get to know

Well, you have heard of pure cotton, polyester cotton & many different bedding designs, I bet most of you haven’t heard about Satin Stripe designs,
Well, Let’s get to know about Satin Stripe designs,
Stripe satin is a kind of satin with jacquard weave threads. It is thanks to the jacquard weaving, which forms iridescent stripes, that satin stripe bed linen is in constant demand. This fabric got its name due to its beautiful texture because from English the expression stripe satin literally translates as striped satin. Rekhas House of Cotton – India’s Leading Manufacturer of Bed & Bath Linen are experts in making bathing & satin stripe designed bedding linen like bedsheets, pillow covers, duvets, duvet covers etc, The structure of the satin stripe fabric does not have a seamy side, does not smooth out over time, shimmers beautifully in the light, shading the monochromatic color. The stripes can be of the same thickness or different.

Features and characteristics of Stripe Satin

  • high strength and wear resistant;
  • due to its high density, it practically does not wrinkle and does not shrink during washing;
  • has exceptional hygienic characteristics;
  • environmentally friendly and safe;
  • soft and silky, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin, as well as those prone to allergies;
  • does not accumulate static electricity;
  • has all the advantages of satin, but also not slippery;
  • has a characteristic shine and glossy surface;

For the production of satin stripe, cotton fiber threads are pre-mercerized. This process is indispensable for the manufacture of high-quality satin stripe, because it improves the structure of the fabric, makes it silky and smooth, and also eliminates the loss of color in bed linen during washing. Further, the threads are dyed with natural dyes in the desired color, as a result of which the fabric is obtained with a uniform structure, which makes the satin stripe even more elite and refined. The color range of the dyes used is truly huge, but most often these are pastel natural tones.

Satin stripe bedding sets Advantages and Disadvantages


Satin stripe bedding sets are among the premium series. They have an exquisite appearance, chic shine and characteristic rich texture. Will certainly become a decoration of the bedroom.

Prized for its exceptional durability and ease of care. You can rest assured that each satin stripe set will delight you for more than one year, retaining the brightness of color and beauty, as well as the softness of the fabric.

When dyeing, natural dyes are used, which, in tandem with cotton fabric, form an environmentally friendly blow that does not cause allergic reactions.


Bed linen from stripe satin is made from high density fabric, which, on the one hand, has a positive effect on durability, and on the other hand, impairs air permeability. Therefore, in summer, when the temperature reaches high levels, in an apartment without air conditioning, stripe satin bedding can cause excessive overheating.

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