Reasons why you need a Mattress Protector

best mattress protectors in India from Rekhas House of Cotton

You must know that buying a good mattress that is the right fit for your body and the perfect size for your bed is very necessary for a good night’s sleep. However, most people ask themselves- do I need a mattress protector? Not only mattress protectors give aesthetic functionality, but there are other benefits as well. Rekhas House of Cotton – India’s Leading Manufacturer of Bed & Bath Linen have the best Mattress Protectors one needs for their Home & Hotels, Keeping all the points in hand we, Rekhas house of Cotton brings you the best mattress protectors of luxury quality and are cheaply available Waterproof bed protectors will help you diminish any unforeseen accidents and enjoy better sleep, for many many years.

Reasons why you need a Mattress Protector in your life

Why and how to protect your mattress? Let us explore one by one why a mattress protector is important to cover your mattress and the benefits of Mattress Protectors from Rekhas House of Cotton.

1. Protection from accidental spillage

While most people keep their bedding clean, they often overlook accidents. On average, we spend between 8 to 10 hours in bed on a daily basis. This makes mattresses one of the rigorously used objects. Unfortunately, this also means we’re possibly not the sole ones on the bed. Our morning coffees, water bottles, wine glass, along with our children and pets use the bed as well. In these cases, a waterproof mattress protector benefits your bed.

2. Keeps the Body Temperature cool

The breathable fabric of Livpure Sleep’s waterproof mattress protector keeps the body cool while you sleep at night. It is made from soft and rich terry cotton fabric which makes it breathable so that you do not sweat unnecessarily in the night when you want a deep sleep.

3. Keep the bugs and allergies away

Your mattress can play host to a spread of allergens. Two of the commonest are bed bugs and dust mites; both of which like to take up residence in mattress stitching, corners, and crevices.  Aside from uncomfortable and unattractive bites, bed bugs and mites can have more adverse effects on human health too. From triggering asthma attacks to developing dermatitis, an unprotected mattress can become a haven for them.

4. Maintaining your mattress becomes effortless

Cleaning a mattress may be an expensive affair and labor-intensive process. Renting professionals can be the only way to properly clean a mattress. A bed protector, on the opposite hand, keeps your mattress nice and clean all year round. Maintaining your Livpure bed protector is quick and straightforward. Simply remove it from the bed, put it on a mild wash, and let it air-dry, preferably out in the sunlight. The nice thing about Livpure mattress protectors is that they don’t deteriorate with repeated laundering, and every mattress cover comes with its own guarantee.

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