Whats the Difference between Pool Towel & Beach Towel?

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We seem to hear many people that say “how can towels be different in functions”. However, the truth is they are different. Yes, each towel is made to perform a specific task and to perform the functions they are meant for. Most customers ask us ” Why Pool Towels are better than beach towels or Vice Versa or What are the similarities between them” Don’t Worry In this Guide, Rekhas House of Cotton – India’s Leading Manufacturer of Bed & Bath Linen will provide you the difference between Pool Towels & Beach Towels, The functions and properties of each towel distinguish them from each other. Today in this article, we will give you a comprehensive detail about “what’s the difference between a pool towel and a beach towel“. Remember, always make sure that your towels offer the best towel experience and provide you with the highest possible comfort. So what should you know about these towels – here’s everything you must know!

What’s the Difference Between a Pool Towel and a Beach Towel?

Pool Towels – are specially designed for use after leaving the pool and sea. Many people seem to believe that they perform like an ordinary bath towel. However, there are a few major differences between pool towels and others.

Pool Towels

Pool Towel Size:

The most important difference between a pool towel and a beach towel – is its size. Pool towels are specially designed and developed to cover the entire body during a great sunbath. Yes, an ordinary beach towel is not supposed to fit in this place because pool towels are already the best bet for a pool or sea.

Pool towels are made of material that not only quickly dries your body but also helps to retain the moisture after a hot bath in the sun. The average size of a pool towel is greater than a bath towel. However, you can customize pool towels or any other towel like a bath towelhand towel, or bath sheet for your needs

Pool Towel Fabric:

Cotton is an excellent material for pool towels – it is important that your pool towel provides a plushness and soft feel to your skin and remove irritation from the skin by quickly drying the wet body after each swim. A large comfortable cotton pool towel is the best bet for your beach days. Although, like other towels, such as bath towels, or washcloths, pool towels are not much absorbent because they function to offer quick dryness to the body every time you leave the seawater or pool. So if you don’t have a cotton pool towel buy one from the best sellers online for your family.

Pool Towel Resistance:

Why pool towels are perfect for the beach – because they are water-resistant. The pool towels are made to get in contact with water more frequently than other towels. Hence, their colors don’t fade easily. It is important to ensure that you buy a high-quality pool towel that is sun-light resistant and does not change color when in contact with sea salt, sand, dust, and pool chlorine.

A towel is just a towel many please say, you might be thinking like others what’s the difference between a pool towel and a beach towel. Both are the same because both are towels. But you should know about a few things which will let you understand why a beach towel is not a pool towel. Other than the difference in colors, there is a list of a few other things that can help you a lot in understanding the uses of beach towels. So let’s get organized:

Beach Towels

Beach Towel Size:

It is the most noticeable feature that shows the difference between a pool towel and a beach towel – is that the beach towels are much bigger and longer! The fabric of a beach towel is more than a normal bath towel. The size of a beach towel is often greater than a bath sheet too. It is for the reason that a beach towel is not just a towel – it’s more than that.

A beach towel will soak your moisture and prevents your body from unwanted wetness, additionally, it also serves as a blanket, a tanning bed, and a makeshift pillow. A beach towel is an all-purpose towel that is the only solitary barrier between your body and the sandy beach below your back. A pool towel cannot accommodate your family but a beach towel can do wonders because they are so big!

Beach Towel Construction:

Beach towels are thinner than other bath towels – however, the similarity between a pool towel and a beach towel is that both are thinner and tend to dry off quickly. However, an interesting fact about beach towels is that they are different from pool towels in the way they are formed. Unlike pool towels, the sides of a beach towel are not equal.

Generally, there are two sides to a beach towel: One is a non-absorbent and sand-repellent side which is designed to not get soggy or clogged up with sand and the other side is more absorbent which is designed for the body to rest and absorb moisture after a surf. Both sides are treated differently for different purposes. At Rekhas House of Cotton, we also have printed velour beach towels. Velour towels are much like beach towels with certain dissimilarities.

Beach Towel Resilience:

Beach towels are resilient to beach adventures – a beach towel is the jack-of-all-trades of beach fun and chill summer vibes. We all often stomp on beach towels, get our dirty sandy foot on them. Also, we cannot resist staining our beach towels with the smell of foods and beverages, the stains of greasy products like sunscreen and body oils. Also, the sand debris and chlorine of seawater make its habitat within a beach towel. So finding a perfect high-resilient beach towel is the game.

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