Which Fabric is Good for a Beach Towel?

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So the weather is warming up. The sun’s rays are blasting many parts of the country. Great white fluffy clouds are breaking up to clear the skies for shining days! What does this all mean? Well, that it is summer of course! Spring has given away to the best months of the year, and as we begin to move in to these summer months there are certain items everyone is going to be needing to best utilize every moment. There are obvious items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and of course swim suits! But there is one item many people forget, and it is making a come back in a big way. That item is BEACH TOWELS! There are many varieties of Beach Towels, which are made up of different fabrics, But here in this guide Rekhas House of Cotton – India’s Leading Manufacturer of Bed & Bath Linen will provide you the best guide to choose the best Quality Fabric for your Beach towels.

What is the difference between a bath towel and a beach towel?

Beach towels and bath towels are similar in their construction and the fabric that’s used to make them. However, they differ in their size, thickness and style.

  1. “Beach towels are noticeably larger in size, making them better suited to be your softest lounging companion at the beach, pool or picnic,” she said.
  2. Beach towels need to dry quickly so you can pack them in your bag after a day in the sun, or so you can reuse them within a few hours. Because of this, they’re often less thick than bath towels, which often don’t need to be reused as quickly — the thicker a towel, the longer it takes to dry.
  3. Stylistically, the two aren’t so similar, either — bath towels are likely to be one solid shade as opposed to beach towels, which may come in more colorful prints and patterns. This might be more about aesthetics than anything — some people prefer white towels in bathrooms, for example, because they can offer a clean, classic look.

While beach towels are traditionally bigger than bath towels, some beach towels are designed to be “oversized.” Rekhas House of Cotton recommended oversized beach towels because they give you more room to stretch out comfortably and make for a larger barrier between you and surfaces like the hot sand.

Deciding which Fabric is right for your Beach Towel

When it comes to beach towels, Swiny Periera ( Senior Sales Manager, Rekhas House of Cotton) said you want something soft and absorbent that also dries quickly. Cotton, terry and microfiber are three of the most common materials beach towels are made from, and each offers its own benefits and texture.

  • Cotton is the best material when it comes to beach towels, according to our experts, who recommended towels made with 100% cotton. Driss Colaco ( Digital Marketing Manager, Rekhas House of Cotton) said cotton is a versatile fabric and is known for its moisture-wicking abilities. “It absorbs well, dries quickly and is super soft,” she noted.
  • Terry can be made from only cotton or a mix of materials, experts said. Terry towels are woven with loops, and the length of the loop can dictate absorbency, said Ilham Shaikh (Digital Marketing Executive, Rekhas House of Cotton). Longer loops means there is more surface area to absorb water and can feel denser and softer depending on the fiber.
  • Microfiber is made from synthetic fabrics, often meaning man-made polyester, Celosia Fernandes(Interstate Marketing Associate, Rekhas House of Cotton) said. Microfiber towels dry fast, but the fabric “does not feel luxurious and can often have a static cling effect.

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