5 Ways to Upgrade your Bath Mats and Consider Bath Rugs

Get Best Bath mats and Bath rugs from Rekhas House of Cotton.

Every detail counts when it comes to creating truly welcoming and thoughtful interiors. This applies to even the most seemingly minor accessories. 

Take bath mats, for example. If your bath mat is falling short of your expectations, it may be time for an upgrade. Rekhas Bath Mats are thick and fluffy which makes these Bath Mats a good quality and long-lasting product. Don’t sacrifice quality for durability. Sprinkle some magic in your bathroom

Rekhas Dense Cotton Bath Mats help absorb dirt, water and unwanted materials from footwear & helps Keep surroundings clean and beautifies your home with a modern and stylish look. Rekhas range of luxury Bath Mats will satiate every aesthetic need with their versatile designs, absorbent materials, durability & uniqueness. Here’s a closer look at some things to keep in mind when selecting a bath mat for your bathroom, along with five ways to enhance your bathroom with a new bath mat or bath rug.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bath Mat

If you’re thinking of enhancing your bathroom with a new bath mat, you have several options. In addition to swapping out your current bath mat for a higher-quality one, you may also consider upgrading to a more luxurious bath rug.

1. Focus on Fluff

While stepping out of the shower onto a flat bath mat is an improvement over stepping onto cold, slick tile, it’s nothing compared to the sensation of stepping onto a super-soft bath rug.

For example, the Rekhas Fluffy Bath Rug boasts premier plushness guaranteed to help your bathroom achieve the sought-after spa-like feel.

2. Size Up

If you’re working with a larger space, upgrading to a larger bath mat or bath rug can add up to a more luxurious bathroom experience. Both the Rekhas Bath Rug and Rekhas Soft Plush Rug are available in your choice of small (20″ x 31″) or large (24″ x 40″) sizes.

Speaking of sizing up, the Rekhas Bath Rug has a uniquely high profile thanks to its high density memory foam insert.

3. Coordinate your Colors

Whether you go with a bath mat or bath rug, coordinating its hue with the color palette of your bathroom is a simple yet significant way to improve the aesthetic of your space.

Both the Rekhas Bath Rug and our Rekhas Anti-skid Bath Mats are available in warm versatile, neutral hues.

4. Add a Monogram

Every item in your home is a reflection of your personal taste and aesthetic. Enter monogramming. There’s no better way to add a self-expressing element of refinement to your space than with a monogrammed bath mat or bath rug from Rekhas House of Cotton.

Whichever bath mat or rug you choose, you can do so with peace of mind knowing that you’re getting exceptional quality and performance with Rekhas House of Cotton.

5. Seek Out Prints and Patterns

Bath mats may be more basic than bath rugs, but this doesn’t mean they can’t elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. For example, the Rekhas Long Thread Bath Mat features a sculpted diamond pattern that adds an unexpected element of visual interest.

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