Three Simple Steps To Soft, Absorbent Towels

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At Rekhas House of Cotton, we always recommend washing new towels before using them. A few washes with a gentle detergent will remove the silicone coating and break in your new towels (see below for towel care guidelines). But you can speed up the break-in period with this simple three-step process that cleans away the silicone coating, and leaves towels feeling soft and absorbent. Best of all, it requires only white vinegar and baking soda, two staples you likely have right in your pantry.

Step 1: Wash your new towel or towel set in warm to hot water — not scalding — on a regular wash cycle with one cup of white distilled vinegar. DO NOT USE DETERGENT, only white vinegar.

Step 2: Run the load a second time using only a half-cup of baking soda. AGAIN, DO NOT USE DETERGENT, only baking soda.

Step 3: Dry according to instructions WITHOUT fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Note: Never use fabric softener or dryer sheets on your towels. Fabric softener smells nice and adds the illusion of softness; in fact, this product actually deposits a waxy coating that breaks down the luxurious Egyptian cotton fibers of your towels and makes them less absorbent. Dryer sheets do similar damage; the waxy build-up on towels ruins absorbency and is not good for your dryer either. Instead, we recommend using a set of wool dryer balls to increase softness and shorten drying time.

Regular Care For Luxury Towel

Taking good care of your luxury towels is essential to extending their beauty, feel, and performance. Here are a few quick tips to keep your towels clean and looking good:

  1. When washing bath towels, use a laundry detergent specially made for fine linen.
  2. Always sort towels before washing by both color and weight. Wash towels separately from clothes and don’t overload your machine.
  3. Follow care instructions. Use bleach sparingly, if allowed, and only on a white towel or towel set. (Chlorine bleach should never be used on any kind of colored towel. Use non-chlorine bleach if recommended on label).
  4. Never use fabric softener or any type of dryer sheet which can cause waxy build-up on towels. Dry towels using wool dryer balls instead (see below for more on wool dryer balls).
  5. Hang a wet towel to dry rather than throwing it in the hamper. This will minimize the musty smell damp towels take on and make them easier to wash clean.

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