Everlasting Beauty of Linen Bath Towels

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Do you spend much time thinking about how your bathroom looks? It’s easy to overlook this space in our homes as it’s a room we use routinely and often in a rush. But giving some proper attention to your bathroom and being more mindful about the aesthetics can also have a positive impact on how you feel.

Think about how it would be to wake up and get ready for your day in a clear, calm space. Or how lovely it would be to kick back after a busy day in a cosy, tranquil room designed to help you relax. Often our bathrooms can become cluttered with cosmetics, toiletries and dirty washing. But with a little sort out, some clever storage and a beautiful set of linen bath towels from Rekhas house of Cotton can make a big difference to this important room in your home.

Linen towels are as naturally beautiful as the fabric itself. We love a pile of soft, white towels ready to wrap ourselves in and warm up, but let’s not forget the possibilities for color that towels open up. No need to redecorate, just add some new towels in a pop of color to brighten up the space. Or choose luxurious, sophisticated darker tones for your guest towelsFor fans of the country, shabby chic look, go for French-inspired rustic striped linen and add some vintage charm to bathtime.

Linen bath towels are not only gorgeous and stylish, they are functional too. They also have plenty of benefits that make them the ideal choice for any home. Here’s some of the qualities linen bath towels can bring to your life:

  • Linen towels are highly absorbent, wicking away moisture from your skin instantly.
  • No rubbing is needed – when the towel is pressed against the skin it dries at once (good news for those with sensitive skin).
  • Linen bathroom towels are non-bulky – they occupy very little space in your drawers or shelves, and also look neat when folded.
  • They are very lightweight, too. Perfect to pack for a trip, day on the beach, or putting together a rucksack for hiking.
  • Linen towels dry in a minute – just leave to air dry or tumble dry if the manufacturer’s instructions recommend this.
  • Linen fabric is very durable, meaning your bathroom linens will last for ages. This is great for sustainability as there’s less need to replace your towels.
  • One of the most amazing qualities of pure linen fabric is that it gets softer and smoother after each wash. This makes it even kinder to your skin as time goes on.
  • Linen towels can be used for many purposes: as a blanket for your child, as a rug to sit on in the park, to wear as a beach skirt, or to wrap yourself up in on a chilly evening.
  • A useful tip: if you prefer extreme softness, look for linen towels that are prewashed during the production process. This way you get the softest linen bath linen available, and the colors will also not fade after washing.

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