How to Buy the Right Cushions for Every Home

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Colour Selection of Cushions

Cushions that complement the colours in your living room will keep your area looking cohesive. It will also prevent the cushions and other decor items from clashing. Choose cushions from Rekhas House of Cotton that compliment the colors in your artwork, carpets, furniture, and walls. Alternatively, you can opt for plain white cushions which you customize with different cushion covers. The goal is that the living room should look synchronized.

Number of Cushions

The quantity of cushions on your couch is determined by your personal taste and design.

  • If you like a classic style, use even numbers of pillows to get a symmetrical effect.
  • Odd numbers work best in eclectic or contemporary settings.
  • Choose five cushions for a three-seater couch and four for a two-seater couch.

Patterns and Prints of Cushions

Don’t be scared of designs and patterns while looking at cushion sets online. They can liven up even the most dull-looking couches. Choosing a print is navigated by the colour palette of your living room.  If there are too many colours in your room, try incorporating them into your patterns for a more coherent aesthetic. Bright and patterned pillows function well in neutral-toned environments.

The Shape of Cushions

Choose a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures to add visual interest to your sofa. In the current market, there are many shapes to choose from due to the changing trends. Buy round cushions, if you want a little quirky feel, alternatively you can choose standard square pillows.

Size of the Cushions

Evaluate your couch’s size before estimating the size of your cushions. On large-scaled couches with plenty of seating, large cushion pads for the sofa look terrific. Small cushions on vast couches are lost, but on more sensitive couches, keep pillow sizes small.

Fabric Selection for Comfort

The sort of fabric you use has a big impact. Cushions made of fur, wool, linen, and velvet provide a lot of texture to a space, which is important if you’re working with a neutral colour scheme. Cushions made of more delicate materials, such as lace, are more suited to a bed, while cushions made of canvas or thick cotton will be durable.

Thus, these were the important things to remember before buying your ideal cushions for your home. Each element in cursing purchasing has the power to alter the visuals of the couch. You’ll effectively avoid any design faux pas while decorating your home with our insights!

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