Does Your Bath Linen Embody You? Let’s Find Out

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Taking a shower every day is not just a matter of maintaining personal hygiene. It goes way beyond mere cleansing of the body. A hot shower with clean running water and a scented soap improves your mood and makes you ready for the challenges of the day. It sets the tone for the rest of the morning and fully awakens your senses.

But what happens right after your shower? You towel off your wet skin and hair, and head out the door to get dressed. But wait – shouldn’t you prolong the pleasure and comfort you just experienced from the hot shower? The linen you use in your bathroom goes a long way towards making your bathing experience a holistically wonderful one.

Get the Right bath Linen

Bath linen is as important as bed linen. While you need superior quality bed linen to be able to relax and sleep comfortably at night, good quality towels, napkins, even robes are essential to complete the feeling of satisfaction and comfort that comes from having a long hot shower. People tend to skimp on bathroom linen, often buying just a couple of towels and not insisting on good quality.

Do not make this mistake. Your bath linen must come from a superior brand that understands not just your needs but your visual aesthetic. You can pick from a range of colour blocking linen, or choose abstract or striped patterns. Always pick cotton linen for the most comfortable use, and make sure the products are thick and highly absorbent. For more inspiration, browse our range across linen categories to pick the right products for yourself and your loved ones.

Towels are not just for wiping

Your bath towels must be thick, made of 100% cotton and produced with a rapid drying technology that wicks extra water and dampness away from your skin and hair immediately upon contact. If the towel needs to be kept on the skin for long to absorb water, or if it becomes dripping wet upon wiping your skin and hair, it is not the right one for you. It should air dry fast, sport a colour and pattern of your choice, and last for at least three to four years after purchase. You can buy towel sets in the same or contrasting colours, and matching hand napkins as well.

A Bathrobe after a shower is just the thing

Once you finish bathing, you might not wish to immediately get into your work clothes and leave for the office. There may be a time gap between finishing your shower, having breakfast and getting ready for work. You can wear a lovely bath robe during this time. The robe keeps you covered and absorbs excess moisture that your bath towel did not catch. It is an elegant garment that you can wear around the house and even answer the doorbell.

Get a good Bath mat

Stepping out the shower after a hot bath and wearing a cool new robe is great, until your wet feet make puddles outside the bathroom door. Wet feet create a slipping hazard for yourself and others. You should buy and install a lovely new bath mat outside the bathroom door for all the bathrooms in the house, so that excess water may be absorbed without spilling elsewhere on the floors.

Caring for your Linen

Wash your bathroom linen in cool water using a good liquid detergent. Do not bleach or dry clean the product, and let it air dry in shade without exposure to direct strong sunlight

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