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You don’t really give towels much thought until you realize you forgot to bring one with you and are in the shower. You’re now without a towel, which forces you to either put on damp clothing or wait for someone to push them through the door. Then there is the towel quality, which nobody considers until after the towels have scraped them or irritated their skin. High-quality cotton bath towels, hand towels, face towels, and other shower essentials are available from Rekhas House of Cotton Private Limited to protect your skin and make sure you have a secure bathing experience. We can spend more money on the best bath towels for home usage if we know why towels are so vital. 

You might be shocked by how many options there are when you’re building your towel collection from scratch. Which ones do you actually need for your bathroom? The top three types are shown below.


A bath towel is the first kind of towel you’ll require right immediately.

As you step out of the shower or bath, this is the towel you grab. Rekhas Bath towels typically come in two sizes: 27 x 52 inches and 30 x 58 inches. So, the larger size can be your preference if you like to have a lot of towels at your disposal. You can only wash a smaller number of towels at once, so keep that in mind.


These are the towels that you essentially overlook until they’re gone.

Drying your hands is exactly what hand towels are used for. And even if you don’t think they’re crucial, you might have a change of heart when hurriedly exploring your restroom with damp hands. Although 15 x 28 inches is occasionally available, the standard size for Rekhas hand towels is 16 x 32 inches.


Another form of towel that can be found in the bathroom is a Face Towel. This sort of towel, which is smaller (12″ by 12″ or 13″ x 13″), is used to wash the skin, such as when having a bath. Since that the washcloth will frequently come into touch with the skin, it is preferable to use a soft material that can also be used to remove toxins from the skin, loosen debris, and remove old skin cells. All of the linen at Rekhas House of Cotton is made of pure, toxin-free cotton, which is soft on the skin.

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