How to wash your Colored Towels

Many bed and breakfast, guesthouse, or small hotel owners may seek for traditional white hotel towels instead because they don’t want to launder colored towels, but it’s actually lot easier than you might think. We won’t lie; colorful towels may demand a little bit more care while washing them, but the continued brightness you’ll get in return more than makes up for it.
In order to preserve the color of your colored towels and keep them in good condition, how exactly should you wash them? We’ve compiled a useful collection of ideas and advice that you can use right away.

Color-code Your Towels

Towels should always be washed in their various color groups; it’s crucial to establish their color during the first few washes. To do this, sort your towels by color and wash them using half the amount of detergent that is advised while also adding a half to full cup of white vinegar to the wash water. By removing extra soap residue, this vinegar assists in color setting.

Avoid Using Chlorine Bleach

Colored hotel towels are doomed by chlorine bleach. It should be avoided at all costs because it results in irreversible color loss and shade shifts. Use warm water and bleach that is labelled as suitable for colored towels if your towels are so severely stained that it is necessary to use bleach.

Decrease the temperature

Although hot water is essential for killing bacteria, it also causes colors to fade. Make sure to lower the temperature until its cozy and not above 60C while washing colored towels. This will help maintain the color looking bolder and, as a bonus, keep your towels from sustaining further wear and tear.

Examine the care label.

In the end, you’ll avoid a lot of future misery by simply reading the care label on your colored hotel towels. Check the directions for drying as well as the recommended temperature and whether or not to wash them with other items of a similar color. Certain towels need to be drip dried rather than machine dried, thus not all towels will require the same cycle.
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