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Do you really need a mattress protector when you have the ideal mattress, a fitted sheet to cover it, and perhaps other items like a plush mattress topper and a mattress pad? Without a doubt, the answer is yes.
The advantages of using a mattress protector include not only serving as the first line of defense in safeguarding your mattress, but also extending the useful life of your mattress while saving money and enhancing the quality of your sleep by lowering allergens. Also, they are much simpler to clean than mattresses.
According to
Driss Colaco, Manager of Digital Marketing at Rekhas House of Cotton, having a protector with a stain guarantee on the mattress is like having insurance.

The biggest producer of bed and bath linen, Rekhas House of Cotton Private Limited, makes some of the most reasonably priced and long-lasting Mattress protectors. They supply all over India like Goa, Guwahati, Gangtok, Kerala, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands and also in Maldives.

 What exactly does a mattress protector protect against?

various body secretions such as sweat, Dust mites with dead skin cells fungus and mildew.
Certainly, a mattress cover, in Driss’s opinion, largely shields our mattresses from us.
You may argue that you don’t eat or drink in bed, but that isn’t the true issue, according to Driss. He explains that sweat is the true issue, particularly if you have a warm sleeper.
34% of participants in a small research reported having night sweats, and 50% of them indicated they had soaked through their bed garments. In addition to interrupting sleep, night sweats and hot flashes can cause the mattress’ inner materials to deteriorate over time and promote the growth of germs or fungi.
Humans also lose skin cells and hair, which can contaminate an exposed mattress. According to dermatologists, we shed about 30,000 dead skin cells each minute each day. “In an 8-hour sleep period, that’s a lot of dead skin cells, and pounds of dead cells annually,”

So is Mattress Protector Important? YES, it is.

To cover and protect your mattress, mattress protectors are a need. In addition to improving durability, it also lowers the overall expense of managing and caring for mattresses. You can find the solution to the issue of what to look for in a mattress protector using the principles listed above.
Buy waterproof mattress protectors in and all over India From Rekhas House of Cotton Private Limited.

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