Wash your Hands with Rekhas Luxury Hand Towels in Guwahati

Get the best & most luxurious Hand Towels in Guwahati from Rekhas House of Cotton.

Though Hand Towels are a must in any household, there are times when we let our sense of luxury come into play above our practical side and go for the soft and plush towels. Well, nothing wrong there – we all need the luxury time some time don’t we? Get these amazing Hand Towels at cheap & affordable prices from Rekhas House of Cotton in Guwahati.

Rekhas Hand Towels stay soft & luxurious like now & in the future as they are made up of High-Grade cotton material.

Hand Towels for Everyday Life

Hand towels are important items for personal hygiene. They are most commonly used in the bathroom. They are also at times some of the most ignored items for personal hygiene in most homes. Many people fail to stock their bathrooms with hand towels for their guests and end up forcing them to find other alternatives to dry their hands.

Mostly, guests end up using bath towels to dry their hands or having to wave their hands about when their hosts fail to provide them with hand towels, something that ends up compromising their personal hygiene and ultimately health.

Providing guests with hand towels is a way of showing that you care about them and their health. Because the alternative is mostly unhygienic and overly intimate; sharing bath towels with guests. Hand towels ensure that guests only have those towels to wipe their hands dry after using the bathroom. It means that they do not have to share a towel that you or your family often uses. It also means that you avoid passing bacteria and other disease or illness-causing organisms to your guests because hand towels are exclusively for individual guests. The cold season in full swing in Guwahati, it good to have extra set for your guest. Plus, people love guest hand towels, it shows that you want them to feel welcome. Purchase a hand towel for you home today from Rekhas House of Cotton.

How often should you wash Cotton Hand Towels?

Each time you dry your body with Rekhas Hand towels you dismiss dead skin cells, even after bathing. Scarcely a lovely idea and, what’s more terrible, these cells gather in the strands of your towel and breed germs in the dampness.

It is highly recommended that you wash towels once per week, or after each three to five regular use. On an everyday premise, hang up your towel to dry after each wash, being very careful that you don’t clutter your towel just spread it out evenly in sunlight.

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