Hand Towels in Bengaluru, Karnataka from Rekhas at Best Rate

Get the best of Hand Towels in Bengaluru from Rekhas house of Cotton.

Hand towels are considered an important sanitary product. They help you absorb moisture and keep you fresh all day. Their handy size makes them convenient to use and helps dry up your hands quickly. They are suitable to be used in the restroom, gym, kitchen, spa, and many other places. You can get this luxurious range of cotton Hand Towels from Rekhas House of Cotton in Bengaluru at cheap & affordable prices. The material used for the hand towels makes them skin-friendly that make them comfortable to use.

Choose the Best Hand towels from Rekhas House of Cotton

Luxury premium Hand towel set from Rekhas House of Cotton comes in olive green and turquoise colour. The towels claim to be made from 100% cotton and tend to absorb extra with a soft touch for the skin. To help you wipe your hands whether, in the kitchen or washroom or gym or any other place, Rekhas handy size fulfils its purpose. The combed cotton fibres should make them durable and long-lasting. They will absorb extra liquid and have a quick-dry feature.

This Luxury 550 Gsm Hand Towel set from Rekhas House of Cotton offers gentle touch with functionality for a longer duration. The breathable Cotton fabric used should make them stay odorless and fresh. The ultra-soft cotton fiber used should make it skin-friendly and quick absorbent. They can be used as multipurpose products. They should help you prevent odor smell and stay fresh.

Premium 4-piece hand towel set from Rekhas House of Cotton claims to have a 400 GSM and is made from the best quality cotton. The high-quality stitching and breathable fabric should make them comfortable to use. They are said to have anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties. They also claim to have a more absorption tendency than cotton and are easy to dry.

Rekhas 500 Gsm Hand Towel set has an anti-bacterial property that helps to prevent odor smell and resist the growth of any bacteria. The cotton fiber used should allow them to absorb moisture faster and keep it soft on the skin. To make it durable and strong, they are said to be made of 500 GSM and a double lock stitch. Their perfect size should make you use it comfortably. The material used should make them durable and long-lasting.

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