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Get the best Pool towels in Kochi, Kerala at cheap & reasonable rate from Rekhas house of Cotton.

Travelers are wanting to make up for lost time. It should come as no surprise that in 2022, travel is expected to roar back. Are you ready? Summer is right around the corner and pool-loving guests will be back before you know it. Having the right towels for your hotel can improve guest satisfactionv, Shop luxury Pool Towels with a soft & plush feel & super-absorbent properties from Rekhas House of Cotton, We have the best Pool Towels of good quality with discounted rates, Get these Luxury Pool Towels is Kochi, Kerala.

Rekhas Pool Towels - The right Pool Towel for your Hotel

What is the right pool towel choice for your hotel and your guests? Rekhas House of Cotton understands that pool towels serve a different purpose than bath towels, which is why we created a collection to match a variety of needs, budgets, and styles.

Remain Soft, Wash after Wash

Increased washing due to the pandemic can take a toll on sheeting and terry. Fortunately, with our pool towels, frequent washing doesn’t mean that fresh, soft feel will disappear. Our Stripe pool towels are made for performance and engineered to maintain softness, ensuring a high-quality experience for your guests. No need to worry about quick deterioration and frequent replacement costs.

Exceptional Colorfastness

Pools are fun – make sure your pool towels have the same vibe! Traditional hotel bath towels are usually white, but our pool towels provide a nice pop of color.

Whether you choose our luxury Pool Towels or Colored Bath towels, you don’t have to worry about the color fading. The color is yarn-dyed, meaning that instead of the color being applied to the finished product, colored yarns are integrated into the woven towel.

Our pool towel yarns are dyed under high pressure using a special class of dyes. It’s a more involved process, but it ensures that colors won’t fade during normal use and laundry processes.

If you’re concerned about chlorine doing a number on your pool towels, no need to worry. The dyeing and manufacturing process ensures exceptional colorfastness that can withstand harsh chemicals.

Innovations Increase Product Life & Productivity

Let’s refresh: Centium Core Technology is a unique fabric formation that delivers durability with a soft touch. OneSTEP stands for One Solution to Enhance Productivity, meaning products are engineered with benefits that shorten laundering and room-make-up time.

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