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For common domestic tasks, hand towels or a hand towel set can be used as a tea towel or kitchen towel. Premium towel sets including both large and mini towels are available at Rekhas House of Cotton Pvt Ltd. The tiny towels can be used as face cloths, hand towels, and even gym towels. Rekhas House of Cotton Pvt Ltd also sells hand towels in a variety of hues and patterns that you can combine as a set according to your needs for your home. Rekhas House of Cotton sells hand towels in a variety of styles and hues that are produced from top-notch, natural materials that are kind to the skin and won’t irritate it or give it rashes even after daily use.
For instance, the woven cotton blend hand towels from Rekhas House of Cotton Pvt Ltd are incredibly soft and fluffy and add a sense of elegance and relaxation. The cotton material make the towel incredibly useful for everyday use. The towels are made from a combination of 100% cotton, making them incredibly soothing and smooth against the skin. As the hand towels are so absorbent, you may quickly dry your hands and face with them. Also, the 600 GSM hand towels from Rekhas House of Cotton Pvt Ltd are 100% organic, odor- and bacterial-resistant, lightweight, and quick to dry.
These eco-friendly hand towels, which are constructed of materials that are sustainable like organic cotton, may be the perfect choice for you if you care about the environment. These hand towels are produced using environmentally friendly practice’s and are completely biodegradable. Rekhas House of Cotton’s hand towel line is fully skin-friendly because it is made of premium, eco-friendly, and organic materials that do not contain any hazardous or harmful substances.
Moreover, Rekhas House of Cotton sells hand towels in a variety of colors so you may match them to the décor of your kitchen, bathroom, or gym. The most popular option is white hand towels because they are simple to clean and can be bleached to get rid of stains. But, colored hand towels can brighten up your space and offer a splash of color. Rekhas House of Cotton has the best selection, whether you want a set of white hand towels or a set of hand towel colors. Moreover, Rekhas House of Cotton hand towels’ dimensions make them ideal for use as tea towels. The tea towel series may be used to create a gorgeous tables cape for a sophisticated dinner party or as a standard kitchen towel.

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