Why does Every Duvet need a Duvet Cover?

Get the best quality duvet covers at cheap price in Guwahati from Rekhas House of Cotton

Duvet covers offer the ultimate in style and convenience, so it’s not surprising they’re a favorite for homes and luxury hotels throughout the world.

A duvet cover is basically a fabric envelope which opens on one end to accommodate the duvet (comforter) itself. If you’re considering buying a duvet cover, Buy luxury Duvet Covers from Rekhas House of Cotton in India, Rekhas house of Cotton has its store located across all India wherein one can get the best of bed & bath linen at cheap & affordable prices, Shop linen from Rekhas & improve your home decor.

Benefits of Duvet Covers from Rekhas House of Cotton

Duvet covers from Rekhas House of Cotton preserve the cleanliness of the often difficult and expensive to-clean inner duvet. Since duvet covers easily open via buttons, ties, or a zipper, you can slip off the cover, launder it, and replace it quickly. This simple method makes it easier to keep any home clean and attractive.

Additionally, duvet covers are the ultimate decorating tool. Switch your cover and change your décor instantly. Countless designs and colors exist to suit any taste and any home. Duvet covers are also affordable, making it possible to change them with the seasons or your mood.

How do I choose the Right Duvet Covers ?

Quality duvet colors are usually cotton with a thread count of about 300 threads per square inch of fabric. A lower thread count results in a coarse, uncomfortable duvet cover that will not withstand wear.

A good choice is the Rekhas Premium Luxury Duvet Covers it comes with 4 pillow cases , available in a queen size. The duvet cover has a zipper and ties inside at the 4 Corners to keep your comforter/ duvet secure. 

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