7 Reasons to Love Cozy Blankets from Rekhas House of Cotton

Get the best soft & cozy blankets in India from Rekhas House of Cotton

A blanket is ideal when you’re on the go, especially one that can pack into itself and fit in the palm of your hand. Add to that premium insulation, fleece-lined pockets, and the ability to double as a pillow and you’ll wonder if such a thing even exists. If you’re looking for Blankets at cheap & are of Good Quality then make  sure you visit Rekhas House of Cotton– Leading suppliers of Bed & Bath Linen.

Rekhas blanket can fit as easily as a book in your bag and is ideal for keeping you cozy and warm wherever life takes you. We have 7 reasons to Love cozy blankets from Rekhas House of Cotton.

1) Great for camping trips

Rekhas Cozy Blanket is made from premium Pongee that are both lightweight and tear-resistant, making them ideal for camping trips. So your blanket will be there for you no matter where you wander when you are cozy up by the campfire and rest.

2) Staying warm on planes and trains

Feeling chilly? It’s perfect for napping away the hours while you’re commuting.

3) Ideal for those who need to pack light

Whether you’re hiking, camping, or simply taking a road trip, you’ll want one that can lighten your load and pack down so you can keep going. Besides cutting down on your pack weight, a blanket saves you precious space in your travel bag.

4) Can it be a great pillow for travel?

The lightweight travel blanket can double as a pillow for an impromptu sleepover, romantic picnic, or lazy day at the beach.

5) As a great gifts

Whether you’re looking for a practical gift or just an excuse to treat yourself, Rekhas Cozy Blanket can be a thoughtful way of saying.

6) Keep your stuff organized

Why not keep your sleep mask, earplugs, AirPods, and boarding pass all in one place? Rekhas Camel Blankets feature a “kangaroo pocket” that keeps your essentials at the ready, so you can avoid a search blitz the next time you hike, ride, or fly.

7) Cover your whole body

Not in the mood to pack your comforter? Rekhas blanket can do the job instead.

8) Machine-washable and reusable

In a world where travel essentials are usually one-and-done, our blankets are reusable and keep on ticking.

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