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Everything You Should Know About Pool Towels

Pool towels are towels used for drying after leaving the pool and sea. Besides, it helps to prevent damage to human skin by sea and pool water. These waters cause the skin to lose moisture when it remains on the body and cause irritation of the skin structure. For this reason, Rekhas House of Cotton specially designed pool towels that are specially designed and developed for pool and seaside use.

You must ensure that your pool towels give you the best towel experience and provide the highest possible comfort. To make sure, you must first know enough about pool towels and learn about their functions.

Once you’ve learned all the details about pool towels, you may notice that you don’t have the right towel, or that you didn’t use your towel for the purpose. Therefore, it may make it easier for you to browse through the information we gathered for you.

We seem to hear you say that “How different can a towel be?” However, many points distinguish pool towels from other towels. Here are the essential details to know about pool towels, which should have every feature you would expect from a towel after leaving the sea or pool:

How to Wash Pool Towels?

It is vital that the pool towels, which we see more often on the summer season, are as clean as the style. Who wants to walk around on the beaches with stained towels? There are also some steps you need to follow to make your towel clean with body fluids, ice cream stains, and beverage dirt on your return from vacation. So how should you wash your towels?

Pool towels are usually made of cotton. This makes it easy to maintain. So you can wash your towels easily in your washing machine. For washing, we recommend that you use a detergent that has good quality content.

Pool towels are mostly produced in accordance with the washing at 40-60 °C. Nevertheless, it is best to read the washing instructions by looking at the label of your towel before you start washing to avoid bad surprises. After washing, you can dry them in the dryer or by hanging them on a drying rack. However, to prevent discoloration, do not expose your towels to direct sunlight.

Towels that you will use on the beach do not lose their color easily because they are designed to be in contact with water frequently. However, we recommend that you wash your light and dark towels separately.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Pool Towels

Pool towels are used to be dried after leaving the water, as well as to provide a clean surface for lying by the sea and pool. For this reason, towels to be used on the beach should be resistant to sunlight, sea salt, pool chlorine, and sand.

Now you know more about the functions of a pool towel. But you need to make sure you have the right towel for the proper use. So, before you buy a towel to use on the beach, let’s take a look at the things you should pay attention to.

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