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A good night’s sleep starts with the right bedding. Beyond a supportive mattress and comfy pillows that align with your sleeping style, the right layers are crucial. Yet not all bedding pieces are self-explanatory — especially the duvet. One can get the best Duvets from Rekhas House of Cotton in Gangtok from Rekhas House of Cotton – Leading Supplier of Duvets in Gangtok and around the world.

So, what is a duvet and what are comforters, and are they any different from duvet inserts? You’re not the first person to wonder. You’ll find answers below, along with information about the best duvet materials, the benefits of sleeping with one, and tips for buying a high-quality duvet.

What is a Duvet?

A duvet is a type of bedspread. It consists of a fabric shell stuffed with fluffy, insulating fill material, such as natural goose down or down-alternative fibers. To prevent the filling from bunching up, the shell typically features box quilting. A duvet is meant to go inside a duvet cover.

What is a Duvet Insert?

A duvet insert is a duvet without its cover. It consists of a quilted fabric shell and a lofty, insulating fill material, like goose or duck-down, or down-alternative fibers. Since duvet inserts are designed to go inside machine-washable duvet covers, they’re usually plain white and not decorative.

How does a Duvet work?

A duvet insert is essentially a quilted bed cover filled with natural down or down-alternative fibers. The idea is that the fluffy, insulating design offers lightweight warmth without weighing you down or trapping heat.

Since the duvet itself may or may not be machine-washable — and might not be washed as often as other bedding — it’s supposed to go inside a removable, washable duvet cover.

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