Best Quality Pillow Protectors in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Best Quality Pillow Protectors in Andaman & Nicobar Islands from Rekhas House of Cotton

Power of Pillow Protector

All types of businesses are taking advanced steps to enhance their cleaning and sanitation procedures. You may have seen what companies are doing on their websites, on television commercials, or on social media. The hospitality industry is no exception in learning about and incorporating new disinfecting steps into their properties. One particular linen we wanted to focus on that can help in slowing the spread of germs is pillow protectors. It is a product that can be overlooked when preparing bedding for guests, but it is vital in this day and age. Rekhas House of Cotton will highlight the importance of pillow protectors, how to wash them, popular pillow protectors, and similar products that can help keep your bedding protected. Rekhas House of Cotton is India’s leading manufacturer of all Bed & Bath Linen wherein one can get the best Linen for your hotels, resorts, guesthouses etc & many more, Rekhas House of Cotton has newly opened its store in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Products are at a huge discounted rate! Grab them now!

What is a Pillow Protector?

Like the name, the purpose of the pillow protector is to add an extra layer of protection for a pillow.  Pillow protectors are placed around an entire pillow to act as a barrier and extend its life.  They are not to be mistaken for pillowcases which are decorative, comfortable, and go over a pillow protector so that they are seen by the guests.  Pillow protectors usually open and close with a zipper.

How to Wash a Pillow Protector?

The process of washing a pillow protector should be simple and convenient.  It should slide on and off of a pillow with ease if it is the proper size.  It can be washed as frequently as you prefer.  However, it is recommended that pillow protectors be washed at least once a month, but it would be best to wash them between each guest reservation to increase sanitation efforts.  Pillow protectors should follow the washing and drying settings listed on the manufacturer’s tag

Rekhas House of Cotton is here for you.....

Pillow Protectors help improve the overall cleanliness and disinfecting efforts at your property.  They aren’t the first thing your guests notice, but they do help their sleep experience.  If you have any other questions about pillow protectors or would like some recommendations, please speak with one of our Sales Managers.  We can be reached at +91 7875999993 or +91 8408823007.  Our website is

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