Things to Consider When Choosing Gym Towels

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When it comes to choosing the best gym towel, there are a number of factors that you have to consider. Check out this guideline for choosing the right workout towel for your gym facility! Fitness Fam! Hit the gym and drive your sweat away with Rekhas premium collection of gym towels. By the way, Are you looking out for gym towels for your gym or sports center in Guwahati, then you can get the best Gym towels from Rekhas House of Cotton– India’s leading Manufacturer of all Bed & Bath Linen.

Things to Consider when Choosing Best Gym Towels

1. Towel Material

Most gym towels are made of cotton, and it’s for a good reason. They are durable, absorbent, and widely available.

Terry cotton towels, for example, make an ideal gym accessory for fitness enthusiasts who sweat a lot during their workout routines. They have an impressive absorbency power and fast-drying feature, which helps prevent mildew and bacterial growth.

While cotton towels are ideal for workout sessions, you may consider other options as well. Other towel materials include cotton-polyester blends, linen, microfiber, and bamboo.

If you’re looking for a fast-drying towel with soft, thin, and incredibly tiny fibers, microfiber is your best bet. Aside from cotton, microfiber is also a worthy candidate for workout towels since it absorbs well and dries quickly, too.

2. Appropriate Size and Weight

Towel weight and size also matter. Identify how big and heavy you need your gym towel to be and consider its pros and cons.

Towels are typically measured by fabric density. The thinner the towels are, the less they weigh.

Thinner towels are more affordable since they wear down faster, too. If you are looking for a reliable workout towel for your gym facility, consider the heavier ones.

Heavier towels are a good option because they can endure multiple uses and washes. Keep in mind, though, that they can trap more moisture and could easily house bacteria if not cleaned and dried properly.

Ideally, gym towels should be washed after every use. Since multiple washes can affect towel quality, many people prefer to buy towels in bulk for easier replacement.

Towel size is also an important consideration. Some gym owners prefer small workout towels that can be easily packed and stored.

3. Softness Quality

Many people prefer a soft gym towel since they are more likely to use it for wiping the sweat off their skin. Simply put, you need to ensure that your gym towels are gentle enough, especially on sensitive areas like the face.

If you want to offer both softness and durability, consider buying premium cotton towels. Remember, though, that proper towel care is essential for keeping a gym towel soft and of high quality.

See to it that you handle and wash your towels with care so they can last for years. Refrain from using harsh detergents to maintain the towels’ plushness.

4. Absorbency Power

There’s no point in buying a gym towel if it doesn’t serve its purpose of absorbing excess sweat from an intense workout. While your gym towel should be absorbent, it doesn’t require lengthy fibers, which make a towel more absorbent.

Consider a workout towel that is somewhere in the middle. Go for one that is absorbent enough but not so thick and heavy that it harbors bacteria.

Be mindful of the detergents and fabric softeners that you use, though, as some can affect towel absorbency. It’s best to stick with the mild ones to preserve towel quality.

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