Which Duvets Do Hotels Use?

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Along with pillows, duvets are the most important part of your bedding, helping you achieve a better night’s sleep, no matter where you may be.

When staying at a hotel anywhere in the world, the comfort of the bed is one of the most important factors for the hotel in question to consider. Thick duvets in a good hotel are often seen as the gold-standard for a cosy bed at night. 

A good night’s sleep simply cannot be rivalled and when staying in a hotel, the likes of Rekhas duvets and Rekhas pillows can make a hugely positive difference to the quality of sleep that any guest in the hotel enjoys.

The best hotels always have nice, thick duvets that aren’t too heavy or too warm. Find out how you can bring the hotel comfort to your home, by understanding what types of duvets and pillows hotels use, and better the quality of your sleep for good. 

What Is a Duvet?

Rekhas duvet is the bed blanket or cover that goes on top of the rest of the bedding and is often used for warmth and insulation. Duvets are also commonly referred to as quilts. 

A duvet is not only used in cold weather, as materials used on the outside such as cotton or bamboo can also be cooling for the hot seasons. On the inside, duvets are filled with feathers, microfibres, down, and other materials that serve as insulators, depending on the specific duvet you choose to use.

What Types of Duvets Do Hotels Use?

The quality level of the duvet used by any hotel will depend on the type of hotel. Luxury hotels will of course use higher-quality duvets, but this is a luxury that a mid-range hotel may not be able to afford. One can get best duvets of good quality from Rekhas House of Cotton

This may mean that goose down duvets are used, or it may mean that another type of luxury bedding is used by the hotel. On the other hand, a hotelier will not necessarily want to equip their hotel with brand new duvets every few years, so the duvets and bedding used for guests must be both robust and durable as well as comfortable. 

Hotels may use different types of bedding, ranging from percale bedding to cotton and more. Besides, what type of duvet hotels use will depend on the hotel in question.

Duvets in hotels must also be cleaned and washed regularly, so they must be easy to care for and withstand many washes. In this regard, one of the most durable fillings is a Hungarian goose down duvet. 

Another difference, which also depends on the type of hotel, is the change between summer and winter duvets. In luxury hotels it is normal for the hotel to switch between summer and winter duvets as the seasons change and, depending on the season, there are usually thinner or thicker spare blankets to choose from.

A good duvet should allow you to move freely and at the same time protect you from temperature fluctuations. These ideal characteristics are mainly provided by the duvet filling material.

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